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How Outdoor Storage Affects Your Bike’s Condition

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For some reason, you may decide to store your bike outside on the street, on the front porch, near the garage, or in the staircase.

Outdoor storage can affect your bike’s condition although there’s nothing crucial in leaving your bike outside for a few days. Many factors affect our bike’s condition such as humidity, temperature spikes, sunlight, and others.

You need to know how long you can store your bike outside without causing any serious damage to it to properly maintain your bike and make it serve you longer.

How long can you store your bike outside before it starts to degrade?

It depends on the climate in which your bike will be stored. Humidity is the worst enemy of your bike’s most sophisticated and vulnerable parts such as chain, steel cables, tires, gear, and amortization systems.

The bicycle chain is the most exposed and delicate part. The chain can be rusted within a few days under constant exposure to humidity and wetness. Rusted parts could be clinched, degraded, and crumbled.

Bolts, nuts, gears, and bearings could rust too to such a state that it will be impossible to detach them from each other. Overall corrosion can destroy the entire gear system, moving parts of the bicycle and causing the decaying of other elements such as saddle sheathing, chain links, and rapid shaving of the cogs’ teeth.

Direct sunlight and temperature spikes carry a different danger to your bike. Tires, tubes, rubber washers and spacers, saddle, and grips sheathings could be seriously damaged by direct sunlight and temperature spikes.

These parts could crumble apart and decay under such conditions. Plastic could break apart very quickly and the rubber is extremely vulnerable to such impacts. Within a month all these bicycle parts could become inoperable.

Other moving parts of your bike could decay within a month too. Steel cables, brake systems, and cogsets could become unsuitable for use.

Your bike can be stored outside for three or four months without any serious damage if you live in a mild and soft climate. But your bike can be seriously damaged if it’s rainy and humid outside all the time.

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