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How do Tour de France riders pee?

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Athletes who participate in the Tour de France have to cover enormous distances, ride up and down straight and winding roads with acceleration on the final section of the route. Since they are not only cyclists but also human beings, racers face some physiological needs. In this article, we will step into the Tour de France bathroom.

Usually, the water you drink tends to leave your body after a few hours. Such urges of the body are very difficult and even harmful to ignore. What will you do at speeds over 30 km per hour, surrounded by hundreds of other riders, if you suddenly want to go to the toilet?

Ways of Tour de France natural breaks

tour de france natural break
  • The race leader, who stands out in yellow, has the advantage and can use it to stop at any time. However, this does not mean that everyone else will overtake him immediately. Most athletes will happily join the unscheduled Tour de France bathroom breaks and thus the main group will slow down.
  • The second option is suitable for any competitor. Some sections of the Tour don’t involve a high pace chase, so this is the perfect time to stop and pull back to the sidelines. Later the rider will be able to catch up with the others and even out the gap.
  • When the race moves into the fast phase cyclists try to wait until the others are forced to make a stop, because it is twice as difficult to lag and catch up alone as it is in a group.
  • In the most extreme cases, when the rider can no longer wait and the others are not going to take a break, a teammate comes to the rescue. He pushes his partner in the back while maintaining a normal riding speed. At this time, the rider needs to lift one leg and drain as deftly as possible.
  • Another way to do the Tour de France bathroom stops is to become the leader, that is, to overtake the main group of cyclists. You’ll have to pedal, but you’ll get other valuable seconds to spend quietly satisfying your natural needs. At this time, the rest of the competition will catch up with you and you will continue without lag.
  • The last tip for cyclists is to pee during the descent. First, gravity will ease your acceleration and you will be able to focus on more important things. Second, there will be fewer witnesses there to capture the athlete in an awkward position.

Remember, if you’re a regular cyclist who’s just on a training ride at the moment, you don’t have to pee without getting off the bike. Just ask other cyclists to wait for you and pee as usual.

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