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How Coronavirus Pandemic Affected the Bicycle Sales

pandemic affected the bicycle sales

Coronavirus pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on many business spheres of our society. But one certain sphere had gained a lot.

Bicycle sales have increased enormously since the quarantine measures were introduced according to numerous news sources. And such a tendency is observed throughout the world.

People needed to find their way to work since the use of public transport was severely restricted. Bicycles are affordable and handy transport that extremely fits big cities and home-to-work schedules.

Recreation zones were closed as well as other entertainment places so bicycles became a breath of fresh air for those who couldn’t stand such restrictions anymore. Cycling can serve as a good and efficient exercise which became a strong advantage since the gyms had been closed.

Australian independent sources had noted the increased demand for bicycles and related goods. Bicycles sales have increased by eighty percent in many Australian regions such as Melbourne and the North Coast area.

Australia wasn’t struck by the coronavirus severely as Great Britain or the United States were. The GB’s and USA’s independent sources describe the demand for bicycles as the Christmas hysteria shopping or Black Friday sales.

A golden age for workshop owners and bicycle shops

Workshops can’t cope with the client stream because everybody wants to fix their old bikes or repair the new ones. This is a golden age for workshop owners and bicycle shops although the stocks may run out in the nearest future due to the closure of Chinese factories and export restrictions.

Coronavirus pandemic had caused another customer effect: bicycle machines and turbo-trainers are sold out better than ever. People, and especially cyclists, want to do sports and exercise but there are not so many options with the gyms closed and when the quarantine regime is going on. Turbo-trainers and bicycle machines can help to exercise without leaving the home.

Air pollution levels had dropped due to the quarantine shutdown and human interest in cycling may help to keep this level after the pandemic will end.

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