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Healthy Homemade Energy Drinks: How To Economize And Make DIY Sports Drinks

diy energy drink recipe

When going to work out, be more afraid of forgetting your water tank than your pants or T-shirt! During exercises, you should drink little by little, in small sips, every 15-20 minutes. Don’t wait for a state of thirst, it already signals you about unwanted changes. With intense, especially still and prolonged physical activity, your body needs to constantly replenish the salt and electrolyte balance. If the training process does not last long, water is quite suitable for recovery. If the workout lasts more than 40 minutes or an hour, the body will be grateful for a boost of vitamins, carbohydrates. Therefore, the question of why you should know how to make your own sports drinks becomes very non-trivial.

Of course, natural spring water is considered a real natural energy drink, but in the conditions of the big city, you can hardly get it in necessary quantities. Such water contains all the necessary minerals and trace elements, but still, a natural sports drink recipe will help you to replace the spring water, as well as to refuse expensive store analogs.

DIY sports drinks must necessarily include natural juices, caffeine, glucose, mineral complexes. Depending on the tasks set before making the sports drink at home, the list of ingredients will vary. If you wish, you can use mineral water without gas rather than regular water. Therefore, we offer recipes for natural sports drink recipes.

A protein cocktail

diy sports drinks

A protein shake is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “sports nutrition”. A protein shake consists of proteins and carbohydrates. Protein builds muscle mass. Carbohydrates give you energy. Both the first and second can be obtained from different foods that an athlete consumes either before or after training, or you can mix them into one shake. It feels good to drink and is better digested.

You will need:

  • 150 grams of cottage cheese;
  • 1 egg;
  • 300 milliliters of milk;
  • 50-70 grams of any fruits ( you can also add some nuts).

Homemade sports drink recipe: take 150 grams of cottage cheese, add one egg and 1 cup of low-fat milk. To add sweetness and taste, you can put cocoa, nuts or fruit – at your will – about 50 grams, and mix it all in a blender. Voila! We got a protein shake, thick and delicious. Take it half an hour after your workout. It will stimulate your body to faster regenerate muscle fibers worn out by training.

A delicious isotonic drink

sports drink recipe

You will need:

  • twenty grams of sugar or honey;
  • one gram of table salt (you can use iodized salt);
  • thirty milliliters of warm water;
  • thirty milliliters each of orange juice and lemon juice;
  • four hundred milliliters of cold water.

This DIY energy drink recipe suggests using only natural freshly squeezed juice, because in-store analogs besides fruit you also get a bunch of unnecessary preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc.

The making process: start making the homemade natural energy drink by dissolving the salt and sugar in warm water. Now squeeze the juice of a lemon and an orange and add it to the warm water. In the end, it remains to dilute everything with cold purified water, and half a liter of the isotonic drink is ready for consumption. If you see no results from this drink, then you should know how to make a sports drink from this recipe more advanced. It’s very simple: increase the amount of natural juice and glucose.

The classic sports drink with caffeine

cycling energy drink recipe

You will need:

  • three bags of black tea (no additives, you can use three teaspoons of loose tea);
  • a glass of hot water and a glass and a half of cold water;
  • twenty tablets of ascorbic acid.

The making process: to make this homemade sports drink according to the recipe, firstly steep a strong tea of herbs and boiling water. Once the tea is ready, pour it into the container in which you will prepare the drink. Now pour in the remaining cold water and mix. Now you need to add ten tablets of ascorbic acid and stir well (until the drams completely dissolve). Your tonic drink is ready, use it as an energy drink during your workout. For you to know: this recipe is considered to be the best cycling energy drink recipe, as it helps the cyclist to renew its power and endurance while riding!

Berry morsels

natural sports drink recipe

They are good for athletes on a daily basis. They are good for the whole family. Berries are the whole storehouse of useful vitamins and microelements! Adding berries to the healthy homemade energy drinks will make delicious morsels. In addition, the juice of berries has medicinal properties and increases stamina, and at the same time your immunity! Berries are a power of nature.

You will need:

  • 250 grams berries at your taste (raspberry, cranberry, cowberry, black currant, strawberry);
  • liter of warm water;
  • 50 grams of sugar.

How to make a morsel: pour the berries into a bowl, sprinkle with a little sugar and crush so that you get mush. If the berries are frozen, first rinse them with slightly warm water. Now put them on the stove and pour hot boiling water over them, wait until they come to a boil again and then turn them off. It is not necessary to boil them for a long time in order not to lose useful microelements. Infuse for half an hour and you can drink it.

Lemon and ginger homemade hydration drink

homemade hydration drink

You will need:

  • 44 ml of lemon;
  • a piece of raw ginger;
  • 450 ml water;
  • 15 grams of honey.

The making process: add a few thin slices of ginger to a large cup of boiling water and let it infuse. Remove the ginger slices and squeeze the lemon, then stir in the honey. Let it cool before pouring the drink into the bottle, leave it in the refrigerator to chill. Ginger has many health benefits, especially its anti-inflammatory properties, as does natural lemon juice. So it’s a good healthy drink that’s also loaded with vitamin C.
These easy homemade energy drinks will both quench thirst and replenish the balance of useful elements in the body. In the initial stages of your workouts, just try to take a couple of sips – no more is needed – such drinks are needed to prevent dehydration. We wish all athletes productive and enjoyable workouts!

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