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Harley-Davidson presented 4 New Electric bikes

Harley Davidson electric bikes

Harley-Davidson, known for its chic motorcycles with a recognizable style, has long been developing towards more eco-friendly transport. The latest news was the creation of an independent brand Serial 1 Cycle based on a department that worked on developing electric bikes.

Now the manufacturer has told about four new bikes, which they are ready to supply to the shelves of stores in early 2021.

The model lineup of new eco-bikes consists of:

  • Mosh/Cty
  • Rush/Cty
  • Rush/Cty Step-Thru
  • Rush/Cty Speed

All presented vehicles are city bikes with pedals and a battery-powered motor. However, we can not call their cost budget and affordable, as it is calculated in thousands of dollars and starts from $3399 to $4999.

You will be able to accelerate slightly above 30 kilometers per hour using a four-level 250W Brose engine. Only the Rush/Cty Speed model can develop higher performance. Also, Serial 1 Cycle has equipped its electric bikes with the ”Enviolo Automatiq” automatic gearbox, which will provide the most economical mode of operation.

Safety in the dark is guaranteed by the built-in front and rear lighting. Self-contained operation is ensured by a lithium-ion battery built into the frame and a Gates carbon drive, which does not require frequent maintenance. Although the chain drive is considered more familiar to the bike, more and more belt drive models are on the market.


Mosh/Cty is the basic model, which has no additional features and can not demonstrate speed records but has the lowest price. One battery charge can overcome approximately 60-170 km. This difference between the minimum and maximum value depends on the intensity of pedal use during the ride.

If you have to stop abruptly, you can rely on two-piston hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. Since this is the simplest model, it does not have a gearshift function. However, this has its advantages, such as lightweight. The Mosh/Cty weight is comparable to a mountain bike and reaches 22 kg. The cheapest model costs $3399.


Harley Davidson bikes

Rush/Cty has some minor but enjoyable enhancements. For example, the increased capacity of the battery, which now allows you to drive from 70 to 200 kilometers without recharging. This vehicle uses the Enviolo Automatiq automatic gearbox, which response to driving tempo, pedal speed, and road surface.

The improved Rush/Cty weighs up to 27 kilograms, and the price is $4449.

Rush/Cty Step-Thru

The Rush/Cty Step-Thru has reduced power consumption and reduced batteries enough for 50-150 km of travel. Its main feature is a frame without a top bar and an LED screen that displays the basic parameters needed for the driver.

The weight is still 27 kg, and the purchase price is $4,399.

Rush/Cty Speed

It is the top model among the presented bikes. Rush/Cty Speed has all the advantages of Rush/Cty + increased maximum speed. It can accelerate up to 45 km per hour at a weight slightly below 27 kg. Buyers will be able to appreciate it a little later than the rest of the bikes and will have to pay $4999.

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