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Bike Fit Guru System Review: What Is That and Why to Try? Guru Bikes

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What size is your bike? 18 inches (ca. 46 cm)? M-size or L-size? How do you find out? Would it be Guru triathlon bike or Huffy road bike? Many cyclists buy a new bike simply by searching for the same bike size as their previous bike. Can you stand on the spot with a bike and tell if it fits you? You may be surprised to learn that often two bikes with the same reported size will have significant differences, particularly because of the geometry of each bike. Instead of buying a bike first, then matching the fit for it, how about determining the right fit first, making sure you’re investing in the right bike? Especially for you, we did a review of the Guru Bike Fit system.

Not only can it fit your existing bike to your anthropometry, but more importantly, Guru Bike fitting can pick from a huge database of bike models, one that fits you, modeling their geometry exactly before you buy.

Bike Fit Guru: Outlook

The Bike Guru Fit System is a revolutionary computer-controlled bike fit tool that allows you to try out the maximum variations in bike position in the shortest possible time. The fit process involves selecting and determining the optimal saddle height, handlebar position, seat tube angle of the frame, etc. while you are continuously pedaling. Your comfortable fit will be correct, thanks to the online joint angle tracking program.

Guru Bike Fit Review: How Does It Work?

Guru Bike Fit Review

The entire fit optimization process is accompanied by real-time power and cadence tracking on the monitor. The analysis of the data, depending on the changes of the fit, makes it possible to find not only a comfortable but also the most effective fit. As a result, you get a report on the coordinate points of the fit (handlebar height, saddle, seat tube angle, etc.). Thanks to the huge database of bicycle geometry (more than 200 brands), the system selects the necessary frame size and also gives information on the number of necessary spacer rings, saddle offset, angle, and length of stem depending on the chosen model. Selection of the Guru Fit bike is carried out for different disciplines: highway, MTB, triathlon, cyclocross. No reference to brand, model, or year of manufacture.

A Little More Theory

The Guru system is based on a maximum technocratic design. The basis is a huge fitness machine, which is an impressive-size machine, with an integrated Tacx Bushido trainer and a multitude of servo drives. The built-in motors have a huge range of adjustments and allow you to shift the contact points (handlebar and saddle) horizontally, longitudinally and adjust the angles of the saddle, handlebar, and stem. Plus, the base of the machine is also motorized and can tilt forward and backward.

The second, no less important part of the setup is two cameras for real-time telemetry and an operating unit with a monitor, through which the fit operator controls the entire system. But the most important element of Guru Fit is of course the operator. It is the fit specialist who, based on the results of measurements and his experience, selects the best-fit parameters for you.

Guru Bike Reviews

Not only fitting system Guru can propose you, but the company also produces bikes. Let’s make a brief review of the Top Guru bikes.

Praemio — Guru Titanium Bike

Praemio Guru Titanium Bike

The model of the Guru road bike is very stable and holds direction so well that in strong side winds, you don’t have to worry about the bike shaking. Despite its stable handling, the bike is responsive and fast enough to ride around potholes that you might not notice at all while on the road.

The Praemio doesn’t like to be tilted too much when entering corners quickly, but it’s still able to hold that position for a short time. The Praemio picks up speed gradually, but does so fairly quickly. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend you to take the Praemio to a real race, but that’s not what it’s designed for. For racing sport, it is better to search for a Guru tri bike.

Photon — Guru Carbon Fiber Bike

Photon Guru Carbon Fiber Bike

The Guru Photon bike is the bike of choice for those looking for a light and responsive bike, but don’t want to compromise on fit and comfort. The bike weighs only 800 grams. That kind of bike weight will cost you more than $6,000. But this is the only bike on the market in this price range available with custom geometry.

The Guru Photon was introduced in 2010 and since then, the company has only improved its performance and made it more stable on the road. The bike is very compliant and behaves well even in high wind conditions. All in all, the bike has a good price bike and, is the most balanced Guru track bike on the market.

Sidero — Guru Trilite Bike

Sidero Guru Trilite Bike

This bike is designed for professionals looking for a responsive, lightweight, and smooth bike. Guru Sidero is made of high-quality steel, in addition to the fact that its frame is considered one of the sexiest. The price tag is only $2,000. For that price, you get a quality, fast and beautiful bike for the races.

Find this fitting system in your city and try it. Trust us, it will change your perception of bike fit.

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