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Green Shots That You Need To Change Your Bicycle Tires

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Bicycle tires divide into many types that serve their own purposes. Usually, the lifetime of a regular bicycle tire does not exceed two or three years but sometimes it can be much longer.

Bicycle tires differ by quality, tread types, density, width, and many other parameters. But they all have something in common – similar signs which tell you that you need to change them urgently.

There are several signs which can witness the tires’ wear and tear

tires’ wear and tear

Most of them you can notice by yourself but sometimes you might need the outer help.

  • Big cut or cuts of tread or tire’s sidewall which can cause further destruction of the tire’s surface.
  • You need to change your tire if it has knolls or curves. That means irreparable damage to the tire’s cord or bead which can cause inevitable tube rupture.
  • A high level of the tread’s erasure will make your tire critically vulnerable to punctures and sharp pieces of litter on the road.
  • Many little fractures may cover your tire over time if it had been stored in the wrong conditions. Temperature volatility and extreme dryness or humidity can cause numerous hairline fractures.
  • Punctures caused by nails, glass pieces, pine needles etcetera leave damaged sections of the tire’s surface which make the tire extremely vulnerable to further damage.

You should measure damage levels by yourself based on the attrition rate and general state of the tires’ condition. It’s dangerous to use worn tires so you need to check your tires’ condition between the rides.

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