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Giro d’Italia. Cyclist competition.

riding competition

Giro d’Italia is a multiday cycling race, one of the largest in the world. It has been held since 1909 in Italy. The race is organized by the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport. At the first start of the race, there were 127 drivers and only 49 of them reached the finish line in Milan. The race lasted 17 days, there were 8 stages. The riders traveled 2449 kilometers during this time with an average speed of twenty-seven km/h. The riders rode bikes with weights more than 14 kilograms and signed at checkpoints to record the time. The news about the race could be received by calling the special telegraph number in Milan. In addition to the Italians, only three French competed in the race, so it is no wonder that all the prizes went to Italy. The race Giro d’ Italia was not held only during the First and Second World Wars.

Only three cyclists won the Giro d’ Italia five times in history. Their names are Alfredo Binda, Fausto Coppie, Eddie Merks. The most famous cyclists who won Giro are Alberto Contador, Ivan Basso, Marco Pantani, Miguel Indurain.

A lot has changed in a hundred years of Italian multi-day races. The weight of bikes has dropped to 6.8 kilograms. The number of stages has increased to 21 stages and cyclists had to ride 3609.1 kilometers. 195 riders from 32 countries of the world came out at the start and only 161 athletes reached the finish line. The average speed was 39.843 km/h. The winner was Tom Dumoulin, a Dutch cyclist who competed for Team Sunweb. He is a silver medallist at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games and world champion in the individual race with a separate start in 2017.

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