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Germany will spend €660 million on bikepaths

Germany will spend 660 million euros on the expansion or construction of new bicycle paths. This was announced by the Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer.

Expansion and new construction of bicycle path infrastructure are already open. Starting next week, the states can apply for the use of such funds in their specific area of the municipalities.

The minister believes that such a project will show the practicality of using federal funds, meaning that taxpayers can see that their taxes are spent on practical and useful solutions for society.

bikepaths in Germany

This “bicycle” program is part of the federal government’s broader 2030 Climate Protection Project. The project to increase bicycle lanes, according to government representatives, will promote cycling in federal states and municipalities and increase the attractiveness of the use of alternative eco-mobility.

The government’s initiative has already been positively evaluated by public organizations that deal with the safety and environmental friendliness of German transport.

As previously reported, the quarantine forced Germans to switch to bicycles. 42% of owners of bicycles, who bought this two-wheeled transport, say that coronavirus restrictions made them move to it. 45% of those surveyed believe that bicycles are a forced decision due to restrictions on public transport.

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