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Five The Most Common Myths About Bicycles

myths about bicycles

Bicycles became an integral part of our society and eventually, each of us will think about owning a bike.

Although there are many people who know a lot about bicycles, there are several myths about bicycles that people love to spread with each other. These myths can mislead the ones who want to own a bike or to know more about this incredible transport.

Mountain bike is the most reasonable option

false beliefs about bikes

Most of the cyclists ride on the roads most of the time. There’s no need to buy a mountain bike that is designed to cover mountain trails and off-road. A cross-country bike is a better option due to its universality and usability. Cross-country bikes can cope with curbs, sidewalk steps and it’s very easy to be handled. Cross-country bikes can reach enough speed to transport you to your destination point very fast. After all, every bicycle type is handy and usable for its own purposes.

Disk brakes are necessary for every bicycle

important knowledge about bicycles

Disc brakes have some advantages compared to V-brake systems but there’s no practical use from them in everyday life. A qualitative V-brake system can serve just as well as disc brakes. Disc brakes have some practical benefits during mountain rides or cross-country contests where brake’s stridency and reaction time are vitally important.

Gear system switchers should be high-class

Ordinary gear switchers will serve you just as well during everyday rides as high-class switchers. Professional class bikes require the most qualitative parts but if you’re looking for a bike that will serve you the best in your everyday life, there’s no need to buy the most expensive and upper-class parts.

A superb bicycle will not cost less than five hundred dollars

top 5 facts about bikes

There’re a lot of low-quality bikes on today’s market but you can purchase an excellent bike for two hundred or three hundred dollars. Just follow the professional advice of consultants and people’s feedback from the Internet.

You can rely on the producer’s reputation and the mark’s history on the market.

Bicycle’s weight is a decisive factor

Bicycles don’t differ much in terms of their own weight. The difference may lie in one or two kilograms which won’t significantly affect your sensation. Such a difference would be important for a pro racer who counts each gram of his bike’s but there’s no need to overpay a few hundred dollars if you’re buying a bike for everyday rides.

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