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Five of The Most Significant Cycling Events of the UK Were Postponed Due to The Coronavirus Outbreak

Cycling Events of the UK

Five of the most significant and large-scaled cycling events were postponed due to the massive lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Summer is a cycling season that features numerous cycling sports events.

The UK’s cycling sport has a rich and long history and these postponed events became the most recognizable and expected cycling tours over the years. Postponed events of 2020 include Vale Vélo cycling tour, Peaks Tour, the Mendips Ride, Malvern Mad Hatter, and Ride Yorkshire tours.

These events were held in summer at each time but this summer their holding became impossible. Worldwide cycling events such as Tour de France, 5 Borough Tour, and many others were canceled or postponed as well.

Coronavirus pandemic affected all kinds of sports and sports events. It’s impossible to hold the cycling tour without live spectators and efficient merchandise campaigns. The Tours’ holding requires numerous preparation steps including investors’ attraction, cooperation with the municipalities, publicity campaigns, and many others.

Tours’ holding became impossible since the entire cities were closed down as well as the airports, and the large gatherings of people were banned for security purposes.

What about autumn’s cycling events?

The fate of the autumn’s cycling events is still unknown but there’s a chance that at least a smaller part of this year’s events will be eventually held.

Certain tour organizers have found an innovative approach to the tour’s holding. Swiss 5 cycling race was held in virtual reality. Cyclists were attached to cycling machines and had raced through the precisely designed virtual cycling routes in the Zwift app’s universe – Watopia.

The coronavirus outbreak is settling down and we begin to see the opportunities to witness the holding of the greatest worldwide cycling events this autumn.

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