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The Best Female Cyclist in the World: History of Their Sports Achievements

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Identifying famous female cyclists at first glance can be quite difficult because the history of women’s cycling isn’t as big as men’s. Yes, maybe women couldn’t really take part in the Tour de France (it was only a few times), their success in other large-scale competitions simply cannot be discarded. But who are the best female bicycle riders? Today we will show you a list of these women and tell you a little about each.

Best Female Cyclist of All Time

Fabiana Luperini

best female road cyclist

Let’s start with one of the most awarded women in cycling. Already at the age of 19, she was able to twice become the best in several competitions within Italy, after which she began to conquer even greater heights and achieved good results at various stages of her home country, as well as abroad.

The female pro cyclist was able to win the highest Giro d’Italia Feminine award five times in a row, which was an incredible and unattainable record for anyone. In addition, she won three times at the Grande Bouclé Feminine stage, which is also a fairly prestigious competition.

Fabiana wasn’t stopped, including the incredibly difficult races, which weren’t given to everyone. Even after the beginning of the 200s, her career didn’t get worse, and she confidently kept the bar as the best among all athletes in Italy, participating almost every year in numerous stages of the competition.

Ginny Longo

best female cyclist in the world

Experienced cyclists and connoisseurs of the field can claim that this athlete is the best. It is worth noting that from the beginning to the end of the female cyclist’s career, there was no such woman who could defeat her because she always came out of any competition as the winner. Perhaps she didn’t have other rivals, she still continued to compete with herself.

This is manifested in the fact that she always tried to improve her records, and sometimes even about 15 times, but still, it didn’t quite work out. All these races she fought not with other participants, but with herself, trying to overcome her barriers and reach an even higher level. For all the time, the best female cyclist in the world was able to get:

  • 12 world titles;
  • 4 medals at the Olympic Games;
  • Participation in three races of the Tour de France;
  • More than 30 medals in French and world championships, including many other titles.

It’s impressive, isn’t it? But even these sky-high achievements couldn’t calm Ginny, and she continued to fight. Her career ended at 53 when she linked her life to doping.

Joan Somarriba

female bicycle riders

It all started when little Joan, along with her sisters and father, often walked on bicycles along the sea coast. Already at the age of 10, she began to attend a led circle and actively work on herself. Already at the age of 14, she was able to achieve the status of the champion of the Basque Country, and a year later she completely conquered Spain.

A few years later, the woman had problems that could completely end her career and close the gates of the sport forever. She needed an operation to relieve her of the herniated disc, which simply paralyzed her. But despite the beliefs of the doctors, she continued to believe that she could return to the cycling world and fought for it. After 3 years, she managed to achieve her goal and attend new competitions after a long absence from sports. The professional female cyclist won the Spanish Champion title again. After that, she reached a higher level, and already took part in several Donna Giro, having received two triumphs, and was also able to debut at the Tour de France. She tried to conquer the top of the largest event in cycling twice, after which in 2000 she still received a gold medal and world fame.

5 years after her triumphant performances, Spain’s best female cyclist decided to end her career as she had already achieved her biggest goal.

Nicole Cook

most famous female cyclists

Nicole, like many other athletes, dreamed of getting to the Tour de Franz or at least taking part in the Olympic Games. She began to strive for these heights from the age of 11. Developing more and more every year, at the age of 16 she was already able to conquer the national championship of Great Britain and became the youngest woman who managed to do it.

Then, after several defeats, including at the Olympic Games in Athens, she still managed to become the best female road cyclist at the stage in Beijing in 2008, winning the gold medal. In addition, she was also able to complete the Tour de France twice, emerging from the competition as the absolute winner.

In 2009, she no longer took part in the women’s stage of the Tour de France. And unfortunately, in 2013, the woman stopped her sports activities, which overwhelmed many of her fans and other people associated with cycling.

Marianne Vos

female pro cyclist

While still a little 8-year-old girl, she began to get involved in cycling, and all the time she dreamed of participating in the Tour de France. This childhood dream could develop into a real adult goal, to which she began to strive. She managed to become the best female road cyclist in various categories, and even at the age of 19, she conquered the top of Cross and Road.

Her next great achievement was the victory at the Olympic Games, after which her career growth in sports began to increase even more, and created ever-higher records. But alas, all this atmosphere, frequent endless training, and influence from the media led the girl to depression. But after three years of full recovery, she returned to her element with a new desire to conquer the podiums of various competitions. Now the main task of a sportswoman is to popularize and promote women’s cycling to put it on a par with men’s. We think you liked our top women cyclists, perhaps you even got to know someone, or you just heard about their incredible achievements. If you are a woman and want to reach their level ー go for it! It would be at least a cool experience, with many achievements and interesting races. Perhaps in the future, everything would change, and you would even be able to participate in the Tour de France (if it is still returned) or even become one of the most famous female cyclists? Strive for your goal, no matter how unattainable it may seem!

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