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Factors Which Affect Your Tires’ Condition

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Bicycle tires need careful and quality service. It is up to them to provide a solid clutch with the surface and bike’s behavior on the road.

You should always look after tires’ condition to avoid unexpected punctures or dangerous slides. There’re a few signs which point that your tires are out of use:

  • Tread erasure lowers the clutch levels with the surface and creates dangerous situations during the ride.
  • Deep, wide and large cuts reduce the tire’s resilience and its availability to hold the internal pressure. Such damages can cause the tube’s disruption.
  • Fractures and cracks can cause massive tube disruptions and ruptures.

Corruptions like that will force you to throw away your old tires but there will be no need to change your tires for years if you will maintain them properly. There Are several common reasons for tires’ disruption:


corruption of the bike tires

Cyclists heavier than eighty kilograms wear away tires much faster than their lighter fellows. The rear tire is more particularly affected compared to the front tire.

Tread compound

Tread compound is a material from which treads are made. There’re several widespread tread types such as slick, semi-slick, and treaded tires. Some treads’ compounds are soft so they will be worn off very quickly.

Wrong exploitation

Each tire type serves its own purpose so if you will ride a cross-country bike with treaded tires on the asphalt your tires will be worn out rapidly. Same with the slick tires which are designed only for the smooth and plain surface.

Low pressure

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Low pressure leads to abnormal tire deformations. Also, drastic braking erases the tire’s surface.

Wrong storage conditions

Dryness, humidity, temperature fluctuations, direct sunlight, and other impacts can damage the rubber and tire’s surface.

To extend your tires’ lifetime you should take several measures such as choosing the right tire type and tube pressure, maintaining the right storage conditions, and avoiding litter particles and sharp pieces during the rides.

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