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Your Personal Trainer Outdoors! What Burns More Calories Elliptical or Bike?

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It’s hard to believe, but even in the 21st century, it is still possible to invent the bicycle. That’s what former cyclist and triathlete Brian Pate designed. In 2005, Brian had to admit that due to injuries to his knees and hips he could no longer run. Then, to stay in shape, he started working out at the gym on an elliptical trainer, also often called a stepper. Such an exercise machine is safe for the knees, back, and the priest. But Brian was unbearably bored working out at the gym. And then he came up with the idea to attach wheels to the stepper and thus ride on the road.

He asked a friend of his, an experienced bicycle engineer, for help and suggested the idea. Six months later, the first elliptical bike was ready.

Often referred to as an elliptical bike, this piece of exercise equipment, as the name suggests. Theoretically speaking, it is a half elliptical trainer and half bike. Instead of sitting and pedaling like you normally do, you stand the entire time, as if you were exercising on an elliptical trainer. This movement makes the bike ride forward.

You can go uphill, accelerate up to 100 mph, the ellipsoid bicycle has brakes, gears, and everything else that a normal bicycle does. Of course, they are designed for riding on good roads, so you should not buy an outdoor elliptical bike if you are going to ride the little-traveled forest paths or mountain slopes.

What are the elliptical bike benefits? This hybrid of a bicycle and an exercise machine allows you to travel at speeds of up to 100 mph. With an elliptical bike, you can get good exercise. You should no longer stay in the gym to get a sporty shape, you can easily train and ride outdoors! Elliptical bikes offer an effective, low-impact workout and allow you to work outdoors.

Although the movements on each are different, the principle is the same: you always stand and move your legs and/or arms to propel your elliptical bike forward. Of course, at first, it is very unaccustomed to not being able to sit down and stand all the time while on a bike, so it will take some time to get used to the outdoor elliptical bike. But once you get the hang of riding this unusual trainer, you’ll feel that it’s quite fun, plus it’s very easy to maneuver. Some people are very satisfied with these new hybrid bikes, while others feel a little uncomfortable using them. It depends on you and your preferences.

Elliptical vs Bike: What Is More Effective in Terms of Calories Burning?

Elliptical vs Bike

Riding a bike is perfect leisure and sport at the same time, however, this is not a professional trainer. On the contrary, the elliptical bike was invented with the thought of making an outdoor trainer, so the purpose of the last is more suitable for calories burning.

Well, what burns more calories elliptical or bike? The answer is that the elliptical bike is burning more calories than the usual one. The differences are estimated: the elliptical bike burns 250-300 calories more per hour than the usual bike.

Where to Buy an Elliptical Bike?

This is a relatively new concept, and one of the largest manufacturers of such products right now is ElliptiGo. The prototype to the production model of ElliptiGo took several years.

And now, everyone has the opportunity to buy such a wonderful bike, and ride it. How much is an elliptical bike? For now, the price is daunting – the initial model in the line of bikes costs $2,000, and the more advanced models are even more expensive. But that’s always the case with new products.

As the company develops, it usually finds ways to lower the price, and, yes, competitors appear.Now you know what an elliptical bicycle is. Stay tuned to learn more with us!

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