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Easy BMX Bike Tricks: BMX Tricks for Beginners Step by Step Instruction and Tips

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How to Do BMX Tricks: The Full Guide

Tricks on BMX bikes are quite popular among young people. Teenagers in this way show their skills, courage, and agility. However, cool BMX bike tricks are not only available to experienced cyclists. With some skill and regular training, even a novice rider can learn them.

The main points before getting ready for doing tricks BMX bike:

  • good physical shape;
  • accuracy in performing tricks;
  • constant training;
  • a good bike.

If beginners can start training with simple BMX tricks, for example, tearing off the front or rear wheel, then more experienced cyclists on BMX bikes improve their skills in performing tricks “drop”, “endu”, “manual”, “bar-hop”. Read carefully our article to know more about how to choose a bicycle for performing various tricks, and how to BMX tricks with different techniques.

Choosing a Bike for Easy BMX Tricks for Beginners

To perform tricks, for example, jumps, conventional, racing, or road bikes are not suitable. Also, heavy models will not work with doing tricks.

What are the features of bikes for doing jumps and tricks? For tricks, as a rule, you should choose between the following types of bikes:

  • mountain bike, as with their help, tricks can be combined with extreme riding. This type of bike is recommended for beginners.
  • BMX bikes. They are originally designed to perform tricks on BMX bikes. Their design is characterized by the increased strength of the frame and fork, so they can perform a variety of tricks. Typically, these bikes have wheels with a diameter of twenty inches, and the wheels are screwed on the axis pegi. These bikes are suitable for more experienced cyclists. However, even amateur riders can perform easy BMX bike tricks.

What to pay attention to when choosing a bike? It is best to choose a bicycle as strong and light as possible. It must have wide wheels with good rubber, double rims, which are durable and strong, a reliable, not heavy frame with mechanics strong to shocks.

BMX Tricks for Beginners Step by Step

bmx tricks list

How to prepare BMX tricks for beginners easily? Here are some elements that are suitable for beginners in bicycle jumping:

  1. Riding in a standing position. You should get your leg muscles used to this position because most tricks are performed standing up. In addition, your body will learn to keep balance when cycling while standing on the pedals.
  2. Determine which leg is the leading one. Usually, if you are right-handed, it is the right leg; if you are left-handed, it is the left leg. It is necessary to define the leading leg to understand which side is better to turn.
  3. Learn to keep your balance. At first, at low speed, with training accelerating.

Basic BMX Tricks

Front Wheel Breakaway

To perform this trick, with the brakes applied, you must pull your body backward while lifting the bike up. The main thing is to keep your balance, trying to keep the bike as long as possible. As a continuation of the trick: a little ride, lift the front wheel, release the brake, ride a quarter-turn of the wheel and again clamp the brake, and then stop.

Rear Wheel-Lift

This is done in the same way as the front wheel. Carefully jump forward. This trick can be traumatic.

Jump on a Bicycle

In the course of it, we try to break away both wheels at the same time. The main thing is to keep your balance and train regularly.

These were BMX tricks for beginners, but we have some more for you!

BMX Tricks List for the More Experienced Cyclists

tricks bmx bikes


This is the most popular trick on a BMX bike. It should be done in the process of riding on the rear wheel only. To perform this trick, you must first learn how to keep your balance when the front wheel is off the ground.

The essence of the trick is as follows:

  1. you rise above the saddle on a low grip;
  2. resting on the pedals;
  3. transferring the weight of the body on the handlebars;
  4. lift the front part of the bike up;
  5. take an upright position.

In order to complete the “Willie”, you just need to transfer the weight of the body forward.

Advice in the performance of the trick: to better maintain balance, you can use the rear brake.


This trick is honed by even the most experienced athletes because it is one of the main components of the sport of BMX. After all, without exception, all jumps end with a landing. This is not a very easy trick on BMX bikes, but it is worth mastering it!

What Do You Need to Know about Jumps?

  1. flights and jumps should be performed only in places that you are familiar with and fairly well versed. After all, if you meet something unexpected on the way, the execution of the trick may turn out to be injured;
  2. if you land at high speed, the landing will be easier and softer than the low. This is because balance plays a big role and is much easier to hold at speed;
  3. with constant practice, trials and errors, it is possible to find the optimal force of the push;
  4. it is necessary to maintain a perfect balance in flight. You should sharpen this skill.

In general, landing after jumping is easy enough, the main thing is a regular practice.


This is a very easy BMX trick, suitable for both beginners and more experienced cyclists.

The essence of its performance is as follows:

  1. you accelerate, pull the handlebars on ourselves, transferring back the center of gravity;
  2. balance with the help of elbows and knees.

A great many bicycle tricks on BMX bicycles are available to experienced athletes and beginners alike. The most important thing is regular hard training, accuracy, courage, and the right bike. And there are few difficulties in performing tricks. We hope you will find this article useful and our tips will help you to master the tricks.

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