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Does Riding a Bike Help You Lose Weight?

biking for weight loss

Many people’s jobs involve a sedentary lifestyle, which impairs health and adds extra pounds. The desire to use biking for weight loss appears at different ages. It is a good option for sports activity – it lifts your mood and helps you to lose extra pounds.

But is a bicycle effective for weight loss, and how to achieve positive results? Will regular riding help correct problem areas and eliminate excess fat? In this article, we will answer these questions.

Many people, especially girls, worry whether biking to lose weight is possible? Sports have a psychotherapeutic effect and lift your spirits. During the rides, the body is enriched with oxygen. Increased physical activity promotes the burning of fat cells. The body gets rid of them and takes off the extra pounds. Especially the volume in the thighs, legs, and waist goes away. People who do this kind of sport know that cycling and weight loss are inseparable.

How to choose a bike ride for weight loss?

biking to lose weight

You need to choose the appropriate comfortable clothing and shoes with tight soles. A cycling helmet, elbow pads, gloves, and knee pads will ensure safety. It is better to buy a bicycle for weight loss in a sports store. A knowledgeable salesperson will help you choose a model that will meet your requirements and physical parameters. Buying transport, you need to decide on what terrain you will ride.

For unpaved country trails, a mountain bike will be the best option. For flat roads with good asphalt, this model is not acceptable. The presence of gears will adjust the load and cycling to lose weight will be more comfortable. Models that have aluminum frames are much more practical, but they cost more. The optimal option would be a “hybrid” model, which has several advantages:

  • Thin durable wheels;
  • Good shock absorption;
  • The ability to switch speeds.

How to lose weight riding a bicycle?

bike ride for weight loss

You can feel the benefits of bike riding weight loss only if you exercise properly. Most people resort to intense workouts in pursuit of burning off excess fat quickly. They help you lose the pounds you’ve gained over the years, but they also promote excessive muscle growth. Intense exercise can negatively affect joints. Finally, there remains a high risk of injury or damage.

If a person has not previously engaged in sports or the intensity of loads was minimal, it is advisable to start small. Bicycling to lose weight over a few intense workouts will not succeed. The excessive load will only increase the likelihood of injury, but there will be no positive result.

Cycling to Lose Weight Plan

Before you start training, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Most people neglect this advice, which leads to unpleasant consequences. Count on the bicycle to lose weight is not possible in the case of cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Also, this sport is not suitable for persons suffering from hernia, scoliosis, and disorders of the vestibular apparatus.

It is necessary to train on a bicycle wisely, in this case, it will help you to eliminate extra pounds and give the body the necessary relief.

You need to remember that exercise will not help to get rid of weight if you do not follow the principles of proper nutrition. Your diet should not contain fried foods, flour, sweets, and fatty foods. Food should not be eaten before and immediately after exercise. Cycling for a weight loss program should not be a pleasant stroll. The body should receive an appropriate load – for this, you need to follow a few recommendations:

  • Exercise is carried out regularly, 3-4 times a week;
  • The first 20-30 minute workouts gradually increase by 10 minutes;
  • Maintain a pedal speed of at least 65 times per minute;
  • Choose a track with light climbs and short descents.

How much cycling to lose weight?

cycling to lose weight

It is recommended to bring the duration of training to 2 hours. Beginners choose flat terrain more often, but training will be more effective if the track has ascents and descents. It is the best cycling cadence for weight loss.

How to lose weight with the help of a bicycle, if the flat terrain does not allow to increase the load? Experts recommend wearing a heavy backpack. If you are tired, get off the bike and walk. A short rest in the middle of the ride, followed by a load, burns calories well.

Weight Loss Through Cycling All Year Round

A person who has started cycling wants to continue exercising all year round. But how to ride a bicycle to lose weight in winter? Exercise can be done at home and does not depend on weather conditions. The home exercise bike is placed indoors, so you can exercise to lose weight at any time of day.

The conditions for exercising on a stationary bike do not differ from the rules on how to lose weight on a bicycle. Exercises should be carried out regularly, in the same mode. For beginners, they last up to 30 minutes and gradually increase. Observing a proper diet contributes to the process of burning fat. It is necessary to choose a mode of exercise. For weight loss, the recommended speed is from 25 km/hour.

Make yourself better with the movement of your legs!

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