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Do The Best Bike Lights Worth It

best cycle lights

Why do I need the best bicycle lights? Frankly speaking, we sometimes hear this question. Everyone decides for himself how to treat his safety. Unlike reflectors, the front light is not a mandatory element on a bicycle.

If you ride only in the daytime and are sure that you won’t get to the road at dusk and night – then you don’t need the best bike lights for night riding.

Why are we talking only about the best cycle lights? Usual flashlights are quite cheap and do not require much thought to buy them. On the other hand, the cool bicycle light can cost hundreds of dollars, and for many people, this price will seem overpriced. In this article, we will find out how to choose top-rated bicycle lights.

Do I need to turn on the light during the day?

best bicycle headlight

The need for the top-rated bike lights comes from your style and riding conditions. For example, if you leave in the morning for an hour to ride in the park – of course, you cannot put a flashlight. If you ride during the day or only in a well-lit city, you can save money on this device.

But if your routes run on country roads, both during the day and dark, you just need front bike lights for night riding, however, as well as the rear.

In this case, it performs two vital functions:

  • It illuminates the road for the cyclist.
  • It indicates its presence on the road for motorists and other road users.

In our own experience, let’s say, it is necessary. This way, you are much more visible on the road, and it increases your safety and the safety of other road users.

It is obligatory to switch on the front and rear lights during the dark periods when it is switched on by the motorists.

How to Choose the Best Front Bike Light

best bike lights for night riding

The question is not as simple as it seems. There are many different options on the market and the Internet now. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

For most people, the main question is still the validity of such investments. How much are you ready to spend on this purchase?

And the most important thing is that you can’t say that the best-branded flashlight in a metal case worthing a lot of money will suit you better than an inexpensive Chinese analog.

Getting a very cheap Chinese flashlight is not the best option. It will last a month or two, and somewhere, something will break down. The mount may break, then the contacts or buttons will stop working, then the body will crack, etc.

There are several main points to pay attention to when choosing the best flashlight:

  • First of all, determine – which trips you need it for.
  • Light parameters (brightness, glow angle, etc.).
  • Possible additional functions (different modes of glow, additional sound signal, etc.).
  • Mounting method and place.
  • The method of power supply (batteries, accumulators, generator).
  • Costs.

For which trips do you need the cool bike lights?

best bike lights

If you have to drive around the city often, and not only in the park but also on the roads – it is better to take the best bike headlights with a wide-angle of glow, so it has good side visibility. It is especially important when passing the intersections. You will be better seen from the side, and you will be able to see not only the narrow strip in front of you but also the sides.

For long trips on highways and highways, the best flashlight with a narrow beam of light that should not blind oncoming motorists is better.

If you have to drive both on country roads and in the city – it is better to take the flashlight, which allows you to switch the view of the light beam or just combine – one for high beam and another for low beam. Sometimes a couple of small flashlights are placed on the front fork to illuminate a section of the road just in front of the wheels. Their on-off button is placed on the steering wheel.

There is another option. It is a combination of the lights: one fixed to the handlebars that illuminate the road in front of the bike and one on the helmet. The best bicycle headlight shines where the biker is looking. It is handy if you need to look at the side of the road or sideways. You can’t spin the steering wheel, and the flashlight on your head does it perfectly.

Light parameters of the best flashlight

top rated bicycle lights

How does it shine at all, and will its light be enough for you on the road? Buying a flashlight most often takes place during the day in a store, and understanding how it will shine at night on the road is a bit complicated. Again, the brightness of the glow is perceived by each person in his way.

If there is a beam shot on the package, a photo of a light spot of a flashlight, it may help you to understand what kind of light you will get in the dark.

In physics, there is a clear unit of light – lumen. It displays the amount of light that falls on the object being illuminated. Science lovers can read more about it on the Internet. In essence, this parameter means the power of light. The more lumens, the better the lantern illuminates the road.

Now you know how to choose the best bike lights and why to pay more. Every spent dollar will provide extra safety on the night road.

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