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Distinguishing Features of City Bikes

Distinguishing Features of City Bikes

City bikes are the main choice for the majority of cyclists who decided to connect their everyday life with bicycles.

Unlike other bicycle types such as a mountain, cross-country, and road bikes, city bikes are extremely easy to exploit. They do not include sophisticated and frangible parts or technicalities.

They’re extremely comfortable and would not stress your body with extreme physical loads when you’re heading home from work or back.

The main distinguishing features of city bikes

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  • Steel and aluminum frames are the most widely used. Steel and aluminum frames had been used for decades in the production of city bikes and are the cheapest among all frame types. At the same time, they are very durable and persistent.
  • A strict fork with no amortization system is way easier to be serviced. Every conceivable breakage is excluded and in urban and suburban environments strict fork will serve the best.
  • City bikes’ saddles are extremely comfortable and have such a position that allows a cyclist to stay relaxed. Those saddles are often made of leather or eco-leather.
  • Luggage racks are present in every city bike. City bikes can also feature front and back baskets.
  • Almost all city bikes are single-speeded or feature internal gear hubs. Such a gear system excludes all external moving parts such as cogs, cassette sprockets, chainrings, derailleurs, and others.
  • City bikes feature chain guards that isolate a chain and keep a cyclist’s legs and clothes from fouling.
  • Drum brakes and V-brakes are the most popular brake types. They are easy to exploit and are less likely to break.
  • City bikes are classy and stylish. The majority of city bikes are old-fashioned and are made in vintage style. A classy suit, a dress, or your daily outfits such as jeans and a checkered shirt will suit a city bike perfectly.
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