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what is cyclocross

Cyclo-cross is one of the oldest biking sports ever, if not the oldest one. It takes its origins in the distant 1902 when several bicycle enthusiasts decided to take road racing to a whole new level.

The most important thing in cyclo-cross is its purpose. Historically, it was created by a few professional cyclists who wanted to boost themselves during cold and long winter months. They decided to take short but extremely intense races from tom to town, orienting only by the steeple on the horizon.

The first cyclo-cross races

what is a cyclocross bike

Their first cyclo-cross races included cut corners through the field and the nearest groves with obstacles surmounting. They carried their bike on their shoulders. Such training was very useful because it allowed strengthening the torso, arms, shoulders, and the back – body parts which are very important in cycling.

First started at the beginning of the twentieth century, cyclo-cross became widely popular among cyclists. In 1950 the first cyclo-cross championship was held. Cyclo-cross became the ancestor of the modern cross-country cycling discipline and remains one of the most popular and entertaining cycling sports.

Cyclo-cross as a way of entertainment

cyclocross racing

For most cyclists and enthusiasts, cyclo-cross is the most entertaining and vivid cycling discipline because it implies many stages and training varieties. Cyclo-cross requires not only cycling skills but also the physical endurance, agility, and movability of a rider.

Cyclo-cross races often include a few long race circles, obstacle negotiation, running, maneuvering, and other activities. Cyclo-cross races are held in rural areas. Such as cross-country terrains, deserts, swamps, and rough terrains.

Participants are often forced to surmount the dirt, water bodies, deep mud, tree roots, fallen branches, and tree trunks as well as some artificial obstacles such as barriers, steps, and others.

Cyclo-cross racer needs to have good body shape to be able to carry a bike on his shoulders and surmount obstacles. Cyclo-cross bike is a modified road bike.

There are several differences from a typical road bike

cyclocross gearing
  • Wider and spiked tires to provide better clutch with the terrain and extra stability. Tire protectors and width allow cyclists to stay on the track while the increased permeability helps to surmount obstacles such as mud and snow.
  • Frames have a straight, tall form that allows a cyclist to carry his bike on his shoulders.
cyclocross races

Cyclo-cross requires high technique levels because this cycling discipline includes fast road bikes and dangerous and unstable terrains. Cyclo-cross gearing includes a helmet, arm, and leg warmers, tights, long sleeves, spiked tires, and sometimes – body armor.

You will never see a more live and vivid professional cycling race than a cyclo-cross competition. Cyclo-cross requires special abilities and skills. While road bicycle racing is a monotonous and sometimes boring scenery, cyclo-cross has something that differs it from other cycling disciplines.

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