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Cyclists Attacked a Car in Daylight in New York

cyclists attacked a car

The footage published on the Internet shows a crowd of young people attacking a BMW standing on the road. Angry teenagers hit the car from different sides with their hands and feet. Some pick up their bicycles and throw them on the hood of the auto, and one tries with all his might to smash the rear passenger window with his fists. Another runs onto the hood of the BMW and falls on the windshield.

Maybe it’s just a daring marketing ploy?

The New York Post video has already gone viral. It captures cyclists trying to damage the BMW X5, throwing bikes at it and even throwing themselves, not sparing their bodies.

A man named Max Torgovnik and his mother were inside the crossover at the time. The driver said he was standing at a traffic light waiting for a green light. When it turned green, the driver started moving and then saw a group of cyclists begin to pull up behind his car.

Some of them were trying to grab onto the door handles. According to the man, he slowed down to let them pass. At some point, he heard a thud and thought someone had hit the auto with their hand. The cyclists then surrounded the car and began beating it.

What actually happened?

Witnesses reported more details. It turns out that one of the cyclists grabbed the car with one hand from behind and rode like that for a while. But when the crossover slowed down, the guy didn’t have time to react and hit his head on the back of the auto, breaking his lip. That’s what the cyclists didn’t like – they thought the driver was responsible for their mate’s injury. What happened next, you have seen in the video. The car sustained damage: dented bodywork and a broken windshield.

The driver of the BMW said his mother was in the front passenger seat and she screamed in terror, thinking the attackers wanted to kill them. The shattered windows of the car flew directly into the driver and his mother’s face.

During the attack, the terrified woman still managed to call the police, but when they arrived, the cyclists had already fled.

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