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Having a Cycle While Pregnant: Can You Ride a Bike in Different Trimesters?

can pregnant women ride bikes

Many women find cycling and pregnancy incompatible. But is it true? But what if you are pregnant but still have the desire to conquer the roads by bike? Let’s take a look at can pregnant women ride bikes, what are the benefits, and other important details of such trips.

Is Cycling Safe During Pregnancy?

bike riding while pregnant

Bike riding while pregnant is a very smart idea and also has health benefits. It is worth noting that cycling doesn’t eliminate the risk of falling, which is why doctors often don’t recommend this sport. But cycling can be either a leisurely walk along a path or an extreme downhill with varying levels of risk. So you should ride your bike with extreme caution.

A cautious approach is more sensible than giving up the bike entirely when pregnancy is detected. Cycling in moderation is a good form of exercise during pregnancy. Listen to your body. In addition, you can consult with your doctor, who knows everything about the course of your pregnancy and whether travel is permissible in your particular case.

Cycling While Pregnant on First-Trimester

The first 12 weeks is the most important time for the fetus because it must gain a foothold inside the uterus, during this period the risk of miscarriage is highest. Continue cycling, but carefully and only if you feel the need to. Fatigue and morning sickness, which can last all day and night, may force you to take a short break. Listen to your body. It isn’t recommended to ride off-road, as there are too many bumps and irregularities, moreover, there is a great chance of falling off the bike.

Cycling Pregnant on Second Trimester

Between the third and sixth months, the chances of a miscarriage are much lower. The fatigue and nausea of the first trimester would likely decrease as well, which means more energy for cycling. Cycling at this stage would give the body energy and flexibility and reduce the discomfort and pain associated with weight gain. But don’t forget to take precautions, despite the surge of energy that you would feel during this period, remember that falling off the bike can have serious consequences for the mother and child.

Third Trimester Cycling

From the sixth month until the day of birth, the baby would reach the tangible size and would actively remind of itself. Now it is worth avoiding a position where the body is strongly tilted towards the steering wheel, this can be dangerous. Shortness of breath is possible, especially when going uphill. Dutch-style bikes allow you to ride in a position where the body isn’t too tilted forward.

Many pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids, so a wide helium saddle with a sheath is recommended. If your big belly makes you feel insecure on the bike, it’s time to stop training, but this is everyone’s personal choice.

Benefits of Cycling During Pregnancy

cycling and pregnancy

Complaints such as fatigue, varicose veins, and swelling of the limbs are much less common in women who continue to exercise. In addition, active women are less likely to suffer from insomnia, overexertion, anxiety, and depression. The case for continuing exercise during pregnancy is that women who include exercise in their pregnancy schedule are more likely to continue exercising in the future.

These benefits extend not only to cycling, but if it’s your favorite sport, it can help you get rid of your sedentary lifestyle. But, of course, there are risks. The two main dangers of cycling during pregnancy are, firstly, the ability to fall and damage the fetus, and secondly, overheating, which can cause abnormalities in the development of the fetus when it comes to the first trimester.

Cycling While Pregnant Tips

cycling while pregnant first trimester

If you feel that you just need to go for a bike ride, then here are some tips that are important to follow when having a cycle while pregnant:

  • Reduce travel time and workload as your pregnancy progresses;
  • Choose a slow pace in which it would be convenient for you to move throughout the trip;
  • Don’t choose too heavy tracks (hills, uphill, etc.), as well as off-road;
  • If you feel any discomfort during the trip, then it is better to stop it and consult a doctor;
  • Move along special bike paths, or in places where there are fewer cars (for example, parks, squares, or other terrains with available roads);
  • Before the trip, be sure to try to feel your well-being, after which you can continue if you are feeling normal;
  • Take a bottle of water with you to quench your thirst;
  • Be always in touch with your family so that if something happens they can help you (or even go on bicycles together);
  • If you feel tired, then take a break or walk alongside your bike.

That’s all you need to know about it. Of course, there is some risk in this, which may cause you doubts. With this in mind, you decide for yourself should you ride a bike while pregnant. Listen to yourself and your instincts. If you feel insecure while leaving trips, but if you have a great desire, are confident in your abilities, and feel good, then feel free to go for a walk!

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