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Ride with Comfort! Handy Tips on How to Choose the Best Bike Shoes for Wide Feet

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Why Wide Mountain Biking Shoes?

Cycling shoes for wide feet are probably the most underrated element of bicycle equipment. Many novice cyclists think that any type of shoe is okay to comfortably ride a bike. At first glance, it would seem that shoes have little to do with cycling. But this is not the case.

Wearing the right bike shoes for wide feet not only increases comfort and protects the cyclist’s feet from injury, but also boosts cycling efficiency by about 30%, and most importantly, ensures that cyclists pedal in a synchronized circular motion.

The main feature of wide foot cycling shoes is a rigid sole, which is designed to maximize energy transfer while pedaling. Such a combination allows you to increase control of the bike and reduce energy loss while pedaling, as well as increase the efficiency of the latter.

So, you like cycling but the usual shoes or sneakers are no longer comfortable. And after hearing about the effectiveness of cycling shoes for wide flat feet, you are seriously thinking about buying them. However, choosing the right cycling shoes, especially for the first time, is not an easy task. What are cycling shoes? What exactly should you look for when choosing shoes? Is it worth paying more, or can you buy something cheaper? Here’s what to look for in order to choose exactly what you need.

What to Consider before Buying Biking Shoes for Wide Feet?

bike shoes for wide feet

Before we get started, remember these important points, which will help you choose the best wide cycling shoes:

  1. Together with the right fit and good saddle, a pair of shoes for cycling are very important ingredients for the comfort and health of any cyclist.
  2. Choose the right size! A little too big or too small might mean a waste of money, lead to discomfort somewhere down the line.
  3. Try it on before buying! There is a 99% chance that you miss out if you buy your shoes based only on knowing your shoe size!
  4. Do not compromise on your comfort!
  5. Stay away from the cheaper models. Quality has a price, so be ready to spend money. First, the cost of cycling shoes always pays for itself in quality, and secondly, it will last a very long time, and you are more likely to buy a new one just because the previous one is already old-fashioned or you just get bored with them. Old cycling shoes can be profitably resold or exchanged for a newer model.

The Main Features for the Best Bike Shoes for Wide Feet

biking shoes for wide feet

The choice of shoes for cycling should be done thoroughly, and guided by the basic rules:

  1. Cycling shoes should have a fairly rigid and non-slip sole of wear-resistant rubber. Ordinary sneakers for running are not quite suitable, as they have a soft sole of foam rubber for suspension and smooth motion from heel to toe. The soft sole used in sneakers is not designed to rub against metal, which can lead rather quickly to disrepair. These wide mountain bike shoes do not wear out so quickly and will last 10 times longer than usual!
  2. The rigidity of the sole will help you to transfer the force that comes from the foot to the pedal. This will reduce energy expenditure and increase efficiency when pedaling, which is a very important factor! Training shoes or gym shoes seem to also fit this characteristic, but they don’t have that important tenacity.
  3. Tenacious sole reduces the number of slips from the pedal, so your foot will be securely fastened, and you will feel more confident and safe when biking. Tenacity is especially important for aggressive riding on rough and unprepared terrains. Usually, such terrains have a lot of rocks, roots, and other irregularities. Every cyclist has probably been hit in the shin by a pedal due to a slipped-off foot, which can be very unpleasant.
  4. A hard-wearing sole is sure to keep your shoes in good condition and will serve you for the years to come! Many professional cyclists keep their lucky pair that are over a dozen years old, even though they can buy new ones.
  5. Make sure your shoes fit snugly on the foot. They should fit well and not fall off. Choosing the right size of shoes would minimize displacement of the foot while riding and increase efficiency when pedaling. There are several fixation options to choose from – laces, special tightening ratchets, Velcro, and others.
  6. Cycling shoes should have a closed toe and a solid heel. This is important because well-fixed feet mean a safe ride. Shoes with closed-toe are able to protect our toes from rocks, twigs, or just a bad maneuver when turning. A stiff heel will provide a better fixation of the foot in the shoe.

So, these are the most important considerations when choosing the best wide mountain bike shoes. Just follow our recommendations, and we promise you a safe and pleasant ride!

Top 4 Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

We have selected for you the TOP-4 best mountain bike shoes for wide feet. We have compared more than 20 pairs of such mountain bike shoes for wide feet, and read dozens of reviews on different bike sites in order to give you the 4 best ones!

Sidi Shoes Review

cycling shoes for wide flat feet

For 60 years Sidi has been creating cycling shoes. High-quality materials and experience make this company one of the best on the market. The products of this company are characterized by durability, strength, and comfort. Sidi stitches their shoes in all places, and they do not use glue at all.

The upper is made of special polytex, which is a very tough material and therefore suitable for riding on rough roads. To support the foot in the correct position, Sidi came up with a special design of the heel cup which is especially suitable for long rides. Based on our conclusive Sidi cycling shoes review, we recommend that you buy Sidi Mega Trace, the 2nd edition.

Giro Cycling Shoes Review

cycling shoes for wide flat feet

Giro makes one of the most comfortable shoes for wide-footed cyclists. This shoe fits well but does not create a cramping effect, so you would feel comfortable and secure. If you have a foot width between D and EE, then the Giro has a lot to offer. These shoes are invented specifically for mountain biking, and Giro has considered all nuances and peculiarities of this sport branch. Shoes are also very high quality and durable! Of the entire line of shoes, our Giro mountain bike shoes review concludes that Giro Cylinder HV are most suitable for mountain bikes.

Shimano Cycling Shoes Review

best bike shoes for wide feet

When talking about bikes, the first thing that comes to mind is Shimano. This company makes all the right equipment for cycling, and their shoes are no exception. Shimano is one of the best brands, so it was impossible to avoid it. They have a wide variety of shoes that are carefully crafted and intelligently designed. Doing a Shimano MTB shoes review, we came to the conclusion what makes their shoes some of the best on the market is the combination of new technology, manufacturing experience, and care for quality and customer comfort. We recommend Shimano SH-ME3, as this is a long-lasting shoe that would serve you for many years.

Lake Shoes Review

best wide cycling shoes

Lake is known for the quality and relatively lower price of its products. They have a wide selection of shoes for people with large feet and even a special table to find the right size for you. The table can be found on the official website of the company. Lake shoes are very durable because they are made of stiff materials that are quality crafted. Our Lake cycling shoes review recommends to you one of Lake’s most popular mods, namely the Lake MX168 Enduro Cycling Shoe, which is ideal for mountain biking and for the wide-footed cyclist!

Cycling Shoe Care

Bicycle shoes are not much different from regular shoes in terms of care. Dust or a little dirt should be wiped off with a cloth. If they get very dirty, use lukewarm water and some powder. After washing, shoes should be dried thoroughly – take out the insoles and dry them separately.

A quick-drying tip is to place crumpled newspaper in the shoe, the paper absorbs the moisture faster and the shoe will dry faster. For quicker drying, you can use special heaters for drying shoes.

Special attention should be paid to spikes. Professional riders wear out their spikes in a year, while for ordinary riders spikes can wear after as much as 5 years. If a spike is cracked or damaged, it is better to replace it, because it directly affects the efficiency of pedaling and safety.

The main point we wanted to make in this article is that cycling shoes play a very important role in riding a bike., and that’s the first thing you should think of when debating which bike to buy. You would definitely feel the difference!

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