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How to Keep Your Hands from Going Numb While Cycling? Practical Advice for Cyclists!

cycling numbness

Many cyclists experience cycling numbness in different parts of the body during long rides. Most often, many have such unpleasant sensations in the arms, legs and groin. Is this normal, or should I pay special attention to this? You should know about it, even if you have never experienced it. And today we will look at each of the subspecies of numbness from cycling and figure out how to deal with it.

Numb Hands While Cycling

You should find out what can cause cycling hand numbness treatment. If you don’t go into anatomical details, then we can say that numbness of the limbs is due to vasospasm. As a result, the blood carries oxygen to the hands worse, which leads to cycling numbness in the hands. This can occur both during the ride and continue after. This mustn’t last too long, and if you feel discomfort, then stop the trip.

cycling numbness in hands

There are several reasons for hand numbness after cycling, and all of them can be easily solved. Of course, this doesn’t include chronic diseases and joint problems (although here prevention won’t be superfluous). The main thing is to decide what exactly negatively affects blood circulation. Pain is much easier to prevent than to treat. To do this, you need to know how to keep your hands from going numb while cycling. Here are some tips:

  1. Always maintain the correct posture: back straight, shoulders turned, head up.
  2. When you grab a fairly heavy object, use your entire hand, not just your fingers.
  3. Watch your health and avoid obesity, which is detrimental to your brushes.
  4. Make sure your bike is properly seated, adjusted, using ergonomic and quality components.
  5. Buy gloves, wrap the steering wheel with special tape and install the horns.
  6. Don’t forget the warm-up, which is the best way to prevent cycling numbness.

Leg Numbness after Cycling

Most often, narrow and tight shoes can cause inflammation of the joints that connect the toes to the foot. This in turn leads to decreased circulation and toes going numb when cycling. Especially if the shoe compresses the arch of the foot. Misplaced clamps that secure the foot to the pedals can also be the cause of cycling numb feet. So be sure to watch your shoes and foot position.

If you’re thinking “how do I stop my feet from going numb when cycling” periodically lift your foot into the air as you pedal up. This is necessary so that the blood circulates properly and the load on the soles is reduced. You can also stop the bike and stretch your toes, ankles (with rotational movements). Or walk for a few minutes on foot next to the bike to normalize the circulation of the legs.

cycling toe numbness

If foot numbness when cycling continues, change shoes: wear one that is roomy and comfortable enough for a high arch. The clamp can be moved back so that the pressure on the foot is correspondingly slightly further towards the heel. Use arch supports or insoles to avoid cycling toe numbness in the future. With their help, the weight of the body on the feet is distributed more evenly.

Cycling Numbness in the Groin

The reason for perineal numbness from cycling is pretty trivial. The seat puts continuous pressure on the perineum, the area between the genitals and the anus. This pressure negatively affects the nerve endings and temporarily slows down blood flow. Some cyclists have complained of tingling and a feeling of cycling penile numbness. Ultimately, they could lead to erectile dysfunction. If you are still concerned about the risks, then pay attention to three factors when choosing a bike:

  1. Saddle shape. Too narrow and elongated V-shaped saddles reduce blood flow and oxygen supply to the penis by 72.4%. Choose a wide saddle with good cushioning, best filled with cushioning gel.
  2. Rudder height. If the height of the handlebars is parallel or slightly higher than the height of the saddle, this increases the risk of ED. In this case, there is more pressure on the perineum. Choose a saddle so that it is slightly lower than the handlebars and at the same time provides a secure grip.
  3. Bicycle type. Recumbent cycling in which the cyclist is in a relaxed posture doesn’t result in cycling numbness. It also doesn’t reduce blood circulation in the penis. It is considered the safest bike for male potency.
cycling numbness

If you feel cycling saddle numbness, stop cycling for a week or two. These are the first signs of erection problems. Also take breaks during long trips, dismount, change positions, etc. It is useful to buy specially padded cycling shorts to protect the groin from chafing and excessive pressure.

And so, now you can fully deal with cycling numbness, if you have such a situation. If you have already begun to follow our advice and the technique, such a problem may be completely bypassed. We strongly recommend that if the numbness is prolonged or accompanied by pain, consult a doctor. And if you prevent numbness from cycling, then you would always feel comfortable. Ride right and enjoy the races!

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