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Cycling GK – the best lifestyle blog of 2020

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“I am a husband and father of two beautiful children. I like to ride a bicycle. I make my living playing soccer.” That’s how Ben Foster, the goalkeeper for the Watford and England soccer teams, introduces himself.

Ben’s Cycling GK channel is named after his two main passions: soccer and bicycling. Foster has torn cruciate ligaments three times and recuperated on an exercise bike, so he likes pedaling so much he now pedals for two hours a day. He says it clears his head, calms him down, and helps him not to worry about dieting: sometimes he burns a packet of his favorite chips on the bike, sometimes something else.

The bike has especially helped Foster with self-isolation. Ben stayed with his family on a ranch in Warwickshire and was dying of boredom. He had only the odd neighbor with Dobermans, hundreds of geese, carp in the lake, four llamas, six ostriches, and two peacocks around him.

Ben claims the bicycle is the best drug. During the spring isolation, it saved him. The goalkeeper was so afraid of eating too much that he worked out for hours a day. Sometimes on a real bike, sometimes on a home simulator. It allowed him to get in the best shape of his twenty-year career.

Foster also associates his best vacation exclusively with the bike: four or five days in the mountains, close friends, relaxing by the pool in the evening after a hundred kilometers of travel.

What interesting can you find in Foster’s videos?

Foster riding a bike

Foster’s videos are about the simple life of a soccer player, where he confesses his love for ketchup and rides to the stadium on a folding bike without showing off. Ben starts almost every day on his bike. He talks with great affection about every detail of the bike.

While Foster is shooting bike parts, an alpaca might pop up in the background. And if you find yourself anywhere near Ben’s county, he warns: don’t get too close, it might spit hard.

Foster is an avid fan of ketchup. He adds it to every dish, and every time he reacts violently if the sauce is not in the restaurant.

Generally speaking, Ben doesn’t tell stories from the past. His strength is in the irony of everything around him. For example, he came to one game with a finger injury – and purposely sewed two fingers on his glove. Showing it all on camera, he added: “Today I’m wearing a Frankenstein glove.”

Ben once showed up on a city (not racing) bike to practice before a home game. However, Foster hides the bike, or there will be many jokes among the teammates. The day after the game, he takes the same route home in the evening: bike, subway, bike.

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