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Cycle Polo – The Oldest Bicycle Game in History

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The bicycle gives a lot of opportunities to spend your time with interest and pleasure. Bike promenades, cycling trips, entertaining evening rides, and many other activities can bring you a lot of pleasure.

Bicycles had entered our life on many levels. They don’t have a very long history. The first bike, close to a modern bicycle, was invented only one hundred and fifty years ago but still, they are used for varied purposes.

The bike is an integral part of our life

bike polo

People travel on bikes, they transport cargoes and pick their kids from schools. Bicycles are used for evening rides. But there’s a lot more. Only a few cyclists know that there are many professional bicycle games such as cycle polo, cycle ball, and others.

In general, those are only the replicas of common sports games. Cycle Polo is just a replica of the classic polo while cycle ball is an advanced version of football. This article will tell you about the oldest and the most famous bicycle game in history – Cycle Polo.

How did Cycle Polo appear?

How did Cycle Polo appear

Cycle Polo was patented in the distant 1891 by an Irish bicycle enthusiast Richard James Macready, but it was widely spread by the end of the XIX century as well. The rules of cycle polo are the same as the rules of regular polo but every city has its own corrections and nuances.

From the day of its invention, cycle polo had gained wide popularity across the whole Great Britain, conquering France, Europe, and the USA. In 1901 the first international tournament was held, featuring teams from England and Ireland. Seven years, cycle polo games were held during the Olympics in London, GB.

The next decades are characterized by the gradual and increasing popularity of bicycle polo but, unfortunately, during and after World War II, this game was almost forgotten. In the 80s, cycle polo had recaptured its positions, triumphing in the USA and England. In a few years, bike polo became worldwide known as a spectacular, challenging, and entertaining type of sport.

Cycle polo doesn’t require extraordinary training or skills. It is an entertaining sport with a long and rich history. For many cyclists, cycle polo is a way to embrace tradition and pay respect to such an incredible invention as a bicycle.

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