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The Crash in Tour de France Happened Because of a Fan with a Poster | Find Out More

crash in the Tour de France

45 km left before finishing the first stage of the most famous cycle race, Tour de France. But after a woman suddenly showed up with a poster, it caused a massive blockage. As a result, more than two dozen athletes were injured in a crash in the Tour de France, including the main favorites.

The woman interrupted in the battle of the world’s strongest cyclists during the first stage when the participants were passing from Brest to Landerno. About 45 km before the finish line, the woman wearing blue jeans and a bright yellow jacket jumped to the road and put up a poster in front of the athletes saying Go, oldies.

The driver from German, Tony Martin, who was driving on the right side, had no chance of avoiding a collision with the poster and fell, which led to a large cycling crash in the Tour de France. However, the main favorites didn’t get severe injuries, Marc Soler from Movistar broke his bones on both hands. Luckily, he managed to reach the finish line, but he could not continue the race. Unfortunately, Jasha Sütterlin from Germany was also hurt during the Tour de France 2021 crash and refused from the racing. Meanwhile, those who continued the Tour de France wasted a lot of time.

Everything happened very quickly, suddenly almost everyone was on the ground, the witnesses shared. The fan who caused the accident quickly disappeared, and the police immediately put her on the wanted list, asking people to publish the Tour de France selfies of the crash on social networks.

Until the cyclists who were injured in the accident filed a complaint with the police, the woman faces a fine of 1,500 euros. But in the case of a statement from the side of the riders, the unknown offender will face a fine which is ten times bigger and a year in prison. After the cycle crash of Tour de France happened, the organizers asked all fans to observe safety measures and even released a special video reminding them how dangerous such collisions can be.

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