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Cool bicycle tricks for beginners

bike tricks

Preparing and doing tricks on bikes is easier than you expect

In general, the education process itself takes a lot of time, and discipline requires careful preparation from the athlete: training should be gradual, the implementation of each element should be brought to perfection and automatism.

What do you need to know at the beginning?

Firstly, you have to train a lot and often. In this case, just knowing how and what to do is not enough. To do the exercises at a good level, you need to practice each movement several times. Secondly, you will fall. Probably, you have already guessed that most of the tricks are traumatic, but it is necessary to remember that before achieving success, everyone has fallen at least once. Thirdly, before doing any tricks, you need to feel the work of breaks, the maneuverability of the bike, get used to how it picks up speed, mentally imagine what you want to do.

Choosing a future bike

To begin, if you do not have a bike yet, you need to buy it. The most important thing to know is that regular heavy and unreliable bikes, as well as road bikes, are not suitable for performing tricks. They are not designed for such a load. What should bicycles have to bike tricks on them: wide wheels with good-quality rubber, a reliable frame, strong and shock-resistant mechanic.

Usually, two types are chosen for bike riding tricks: mountain bikes- for extreme riding and BMX bikes that are designed specifically for bicycle tricks. Let’s go deeper at each of them. For those who have just started their “cycling career” a mountain version is a perfect option. It is universal both for just riding in the evening, and for performing several easy bike tricks. But BMX is the choice of professional athletes who have been riding for a long time, and beginners will not be very comfortable with it. Due to the special design, small radius of the wheels, and the absence of suspension, high resistance to impacts is ensured. Strength increases the potential number of tricks allowed.

The first “trick” is preparation

trick bicycle riding

So, you have chosen your perfect bike, or you already have it, then it is time for you to get ready. But you can’t do cool bikes tricks right away. In addition to the physical condition in general, someone may have to lose weight or, on the contrary, need work out. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for the basic elements:

  1. If you didn’t know, most of the tricks are not performed on the saddle. You need to train your leg muscles to ride while standing, and your body to maintain balance while riding a bicycle.
  2. Determine the main leg- which will be in front and which will be behind when riding while standing.
  3. Next, choose for yourself in what direction to turn. Most often it is the right side for right-handers and the left for left-handers. But forcing yourself to turn in the opposite direction will only cause unnecessary inconvenience.
  4. Learn to keep balance, first at the minimum speed, and then on the lightly applied brake. The difficulty arises while turning when it is hard to do without steering.

After you learned how to keep your balance, you can finally try how to do bike tricks: the front wheel takes off with the brakes pressed, the center of gravity is jerked back on straight arms, in order not to fall on the back, try to jump back, a small amount of training will help to hold balance better when jumping on the rear wheel.

Stand on the rear wheel, use the pedals to pull a third of a turn back, load the front part of the bike a little downward, release the rear brake handle, at the same moment make a jerk with the leading foot pedal, after the jerk, the brake lever is fixed again. The jump on the front wheel is carried out according to a similar principle as on the rear one, the center of gravity is shifted to the front of the bike with the front brake well clamped, find balance by small jumps back and forth.

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