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Construction and Technical Specificities of Bike Helmets


When it comes to safety during cycling, a question arises – how to choose a bike helmet and how efficient it is? Thus, many cyclists are concerned – should they wear a bike helmet and would they be able to choose the right one in-shop or on the Internet?

Choosing a bike helmet may seem to be a hard and complicated process, but it’s easy if you know what you’re looking for. Mostly because today’s producers use unified models during production. You only need to choose one that fits your head the most. There’re many types of bike helmets so to choose the right one, you need to consider your riding style and possible risks.

To choose the right bicycle helmet you need to consider two main things:

  • anatomy of your head
  • your riding style that defines possible risks

But before, it is worth thinking – do you need a bike helmet at all?

Do You Need a Bike Helmet at All?

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A recent study was taken to find out how efficient bike helmets are and how much they reduce the risk of getting trauma. The results were controversial and here’s why.

The efficiency of the use of bike helmets could be defined only by one factor – how much they could reduce all possible risks for cyclist’s health. The study has shown that common usage of bike helmets only increases such risks although they could save your life and health in the case of a road accident.

When a person rides a bike in a helmet, the nearest car drivers become less concerned about his safety so they drive closer to him and even create extreme situations on the road, thinking that a helmet will save a cyclist in the case something will happen. This way, the risks go higher and higher, making possible health risks palpable.

Many cyclists think that a cycling helmet is a must-need accessory for every cyclist. Some take the opposite view, stating that it’s up to every cyclist to decide whether he needs a cycling helmet or not. Cycling helmets are widespread among cyclists and if you know that your route contains dangers like stuffed roadways, highways, or a big number of crossroads, you should think about buying yourself a bike helmet.

Which Bike Helmet Do You Really Need?

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It strongly depends on your riding style and only your riding style defines which bike helmet you should wear:

Cross-Country Helmet

This is the most common bike helmet type. Thus, you can see them everywhere. People who ride mountain and cross-country bikes wear this type of cycling helmet. People who prefer the city and classic bikes wear them daily.

Most of the cyclists which you meet on the street everyday use cross-country bike helmets as a means of defense. They are common and they have this classic-looking appearance. A cross-country bike helmet is suitable both for city and cross-country riders because it has average rates of protection and suits both classic and casual appearance.

Road Bike Cycling Helmet

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Those helmets have better aerodynamic characteristics than cross-country helmets. They are lighter and cover only the top of a cyclist’s head. They are the best for fast and intense rides because they don’t disrupt the thermal balance of a head and don’t bring any discomfort.

Full-Face Bike Helmet

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Those are designed for extreme cycling such as downhill and mountain biking where the chances of occasional accidents are extremely high. They cover the whole head and provide maximum security for a rider. But they’re extremely uncomfortable and could be used only for short cycling races.

Skate Helmets

Those helmets are the most classical-looking and they’re very different from the earliest versions. They are shaped like a pot and are used mostly for extreme rides. They provide strong defense and a good view because they cover only the top and the sides of a cyclist’s head.

So it’s very easy to choose a bike helmet but you should consider the surroundings, possible risks, and cycling conditions in which you ride. The best bicycle helmet is which fits your head properly and doesn’t cause any serious discomfort. Of course, it feels strange at first, but soon you won’t even realize its presence on your head.

Construction of Bike Helmets

Construction of Bike Helmets

They are made of Styrofoam, covered with plastic. Thus, solid plastic covering provides density and durability of a bike helmet while relatively-soft Styrofoam corpus absorbs the hit, in the case of an accident.

But those helmets couldn’t be used twice which means that they’re disposable. After the first serious hit, the inner layer of Styrofoam crushes and cracks. Although such deteriorations cannot be seen, once seriously hit, a helmet won’t be able to provide the necessary safety in the future.

Best bike helmets are made of two main parts: solid external corpus made of plastic and inner soft Styrofoam hemisphere which contacts with a cyclist’s head. Those parts move in touch with each other.

Thus, when an accident occurs and the cyclist’s head hits the ground, the external movable plastic part moves in accordance with the hit’s direction. This way, the external plastic covering distributes all the impact energy on a whole cyclist’s head, avoiding the dot impact. They are very safe and are considered as the safest bike helmet type among all bike helmet types.

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