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Connecticut Biking Trails: Know Where the Beautiful Trails for Great Rides Are!

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It Is Time to Bike!

The quarantine was loosened, it’s July outside, so it’s time to get out our bikes and catch up. While we were cooped up, we could have done so much riding! Don’t have your own bike? Not a problem either: most of the places equipped for riding have bike rentals. Once you’ve made up your mind about transportation, head out in search of adventure on one of the routes from the Bikeandmore blog.

The Best Biking Trails in Ct

The state of Connecticut is rich in a variety of bicycle trails that are frequently maintained and adapted for bicyclists of varying skill levels. The state is constantly reconstructing old railroad trails and creating new bicycle trails. The process of updating rails to trails in Connecticut is very common, as the state has a lot of abandoned railway trails. These trails connect different Connecticut towns and pass through very scenic areas. Here’s an overview of the most popular bike trails that Connecticut residents choose to ride. You can learn more about these routes by reading our selection of the best bike trails in Connecticut! Here’s an overview of the most popular bike trails that Connecticut residents choose to ride.

Rail Trails in Vernon

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This scenic trail is located in Manchester, Connecticut. It is 4 miles long and runs through many streams and ravines. Riding the railroad trails from Manchester to Vernon, you’ll pass dense forest, the Tankerhoosen River, and several other parks. Almost the entire section has bike storage, so it’s ideal for leisurely bike rides. Also, the trail is considered the best running trail in Сt, as it is equipped with places to stop and take a breather.

Bike Trails in Ct: Charter Oak Greenway

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The Charter Oak Greenway is one of the best-paved bike trails in Сt that has a lot of functionality, from jogging to bike rides. It connects neighborhoods and parks in the city of Hartford. This trail is nearly 10 miles long and is equipped with all the amenities for people: restrooms, playgrounds, picnic areas, tennis, soccer, basketball, and volleyball courts and stores located in Charter Oak Park. There are also many bike lockers along the way, so you can leave your bike and take a break at a café. Be careful as the Charter Oak Greenway trail Сt path is located on steep hills, so sometimes you have to make an effort to climb up.

New Haven Bike Trail: Farmington Canal Heritage Trail

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This 40-mile trail begins near the university campus in the town of New Haven and runs through the heart of Connecticut. If you look at a map, you’ll notice that it has so many branches and covers a huge portion of the state. This trail is not suitable for beginners, as its path is difficult. The New Haven Trail is not equipped for biking everywhere, so the ride will be very close to a wilderness trip.

Railroad Ramble

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The railroad trail runs through a narrow corridor along a railroad that has been abandoned for the past dozen years in New England. The railroad between 1871 and 1967 connected important industrial hubs in the region but fell into disrepair as the region developed. Be aware that to get to the trail you have to ride your bike up a couple of climbs and when you see the recreation complex near Highway 41 in front of you, you will get to the beginning of the trail. The southern part of the trail is not paved, with large portions of the trail covered in grass and dirt, making it difficult to navigate in the spring and summer. However, during the warmer months, you can enjoy colorful views of nature on the trail as it passes through forests and flower fields. Since the trail is maintained, there will be a numbered trailhead along the way. You have the option of downloading a map on the Salisbury and Lakeville website.

Connecticut Rail Trail: Stratton Brook State Park Trail

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The trail begins in the town of Simsbury and is 2 miles long. Keep in mind that it is not all paved, and there are sections of gravel and crushed stone. The Stratton Brook State Park trail is not very long, but it is great for biking, running, walking, and other athletic activities. The main attraction of the Simsbury bike trail is a covered bridge, turning off of which will take you to an old railroad track that will take you into the Massacoe State Forest.

Quinebaug Bicycle Trail

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The trail begins in the town of Danielson and runs along the fast Quinebaug River. The plus side of the trail is that all sections are paved and suitable for biking. If you enjoy biking or jogging, the Quinebaug Bicycle Trail is for you!

We’ve tried to compile key routes for even a novice cyclist to have a good time and enjoy the outdoors in Connecticut! Stay tuned for more!

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