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Competitive Advantages of Bicycles over Mopeds


Apart from cars and public transport, bicycles and mopeds are the most common means of transportation. From the outside view, they have a lot in common. A car driver doesn’t see a big difference between a bicycle and a moped. But in reality, they are totally different. And they compete a lot.

There are a lot of cyclists and a lot of moped drivers on the city streets. People use bicycles and mopeds for similar reasons – they want to travel fast and cheap, saving a lot of time and money. Both bicycles and mopeds can meet these expectations but still, they’re very different. They have numerous comparable advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on the person, which transportation type will look more appealing to him.

Bicycles and mopeds are often being compared because of their superficial similarity. But they’re radically different and only after a precise and pragmatic step-by-step analysis it will be possible to clarify all their true weaknesses and strong points.


bicycle vs moped

In the conditions of a big city, a bicycle easily outstands a moped. City life is tightly linked with traffic jams and busy, stuffed streets and crossroads. Bicycles bypass such obstacles easily because a cyclist can ride both through streets and sidewalks.

Bicycle is thin and versatile so it can freely go around the cars and other road movement participants. Also, you cat the corners through the parks, gardens, promenades, and bicycle lanes. Such maneuvers will save you a lot of time.

Plus that, the infrastructure of many cities implies the presence of specialized narrow bike lanes – lanes that are designed only for bicycles. A cyclist can cover long distances in a short time with no obstacles and interference.

Convenience of Use

Riding a Bike

No matter how small a moped is, it is still an unwieldy and girthy device that is hard to control with ease. Bicycles are strikingly different for many reasons. It’s light. The bicycle’s weight doesn’t exceed fifteen kilos while the moped is heavier at times.

The bicycle is easy-to-operate because you are in constant connection with it. Your thighs compress the bicycle frame from both sides while feet or located near the road surface, capable to help to keep the balance at any time. Your torso leans on the bicycle so you feel steady and secure during the ride. Such a position gives you the feeling of total control and fusion between you and the bicycle. Motorcycles are dangerous while cycling will only bring you pleasure and ease the stress.

Bicycle is easy to maintain and within a time you will be able to provide full, proper maintenance for your bike, having only a basic toolset. All basic repairing could be done at home and it is much easier to bring your bike to the workshop than to bother with a broken, heavy moped.

Also, it is much easier to park a bike than to park a moped. Because a bike could be strapped to almost any object like a tree or a fence. Also, bicycles are light and if you live in an apartment, it will be very hard to lift a moped even to the second floor. The bike could be stored inside the house, on the wall, or in the special closet while the moped needs an individual parking place.

Operational Range

riding a bicycle

The operational range of the bicycle is not limited at all because it doesn’t need any fuel or gas while the moped has a small tank and needs regular refueling. Fuel costs a lot today and moped exploitation can be expensive.

The bicycle has an unlimited operational range and it can get you everywhere without any spare parts if everything will be fine. One thing that you may need is a spare tube.

Environmental Friendliness

bike in the wood

Without any doubt, a bicycle is the most environmentally-friendly means of transportation among all of them. It doesn’t need fuel – the root cause of the harmful CO2 emissions, it doesn’t need motor oil and numerous greases and its production is much less harmful than the production of mopeds or cars.

A bicycle doesn’t need much for its maintenance. A few drops of grease will keep its moving parts lubed for a few weeks while the well-maintained parts and components can serve you for years, if not for decades.

Health Benefits

advantages of Bicycle and Moped

Bicycles bring a lot of health benefits along with environmental-friendliness and high usability. Regular cycling can prevent the development of many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular events, obesity, cataract, and many others. Cycling can help you to stay fit while doing only your routine commute from home to work and back.

Riding a moped may have several advantages such as physical resting and fast riding through the highways and free roads but a bicycle undoubtedly overcomes the moped on many levels.

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