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History of the Cannondale Bicycle Corporation and the Overview of The Bikes

Cannondale Bicycle Overview

For a true cyclist, any vehicle with two wheels is already a bike worthy of attention. But also everyone wants to ride a high-quality and reliable model, with an original design and a big name. One of the most popular bikes in the world are considered to be the American company Cannondale bicycle, known not only for its popular models, but also for its constant movement forward – towards innovative approaches and solutions.

History of the Cannondale Bicycle Corporation

History of the Cannondale Bicycle Corporation

Cannondale, like many others, did not start immediately with the production of its own bikes. Initially, it was a supplier of camping equipment and gear. By 1971 it had found a real name and gave the world the first children’s bicycle trailer.

By 1983, the company presented the fairly successful ST-500 Touring road bike on an aluminum frame. At that time, most bike brands still preferred steel frames. What happened to Cannondale bikes next? Another year later on the market was released the famous SM-500 – a mountain bike on an aluminum frame. Cannondale frames were made by their own technology, with increased diameter, which made them strong and efficient.

By 1991 the company was producing its own carbon frames. In the same year, Cannondale’s first two-paddle mountain bike was also released. In the 90s, the company began developing cross-country motorcycles. But by the early 2000s, the company was forced to sell the motorcycle manufacturing department.

how cannondale bikes are created

During its short history, the brand has received various awards. For example, in 1996, the downhill bike was voted the best of its kind. Highway and cross-country cycling teams have repeatedly become champions and winners of various competitions.

Many people are guessing are Cannondale bikes Canadian? No, they are not. The handmade bikes are produced in the USA and signed with such an attractive “Made in USA” label. Cannondale products are for lovers of high quality and uniqueness.

Nowadays, the headquarters are located in the northern United States, in the town of Wilton. This is where bicycle prototypes and new technologies are born. To increase sales and improve the availability of products under this brand, it was decided to transfer part of the production to Asia. The main production is located in China, Taiwan, and the Netherlands.

If made in China, is Cannondale still a good brand? The answer is yes because bikes are identical in the quality and reliability of the assembly. Today, the company is one of the most advanced among other bike manufacturers. Cannondale bike design can be recognized even by amateurs and beginners in cycling.

This is borne out by the many awards that the company has been able to win in the face of fierce competition. These include bike of the year, best design, innovation, and technology. Few popular brands today can boast of such a rich track record.

Bicycles Cannondale: Everybody Will Find His Match!

Cannondale Bicycles for everyone

You can put the whole family on Cannondale: the company’s range includes mountain and highway models, models for men and women, as well as a sufficient number of children’s models. The Cannondale bicycle sizing is customized, so different body types can easily find what they need.

Cannondale puts different kinds of bikes on the market. We can’t say that the catalog is highly specialized, but also many layers of cyclists will not be able to choose a suitable product here. For example, Conandale does not manufacture BMXs. In general, the company’s range is as follows:

  • mountain bikes;
  • road bikes;
  • electric bikes;
  • bikes for women;
  • bikes for kids;
  • city bikes.


Cannondale bikes deserve special attention. This is due not only to their unique characteristics, but also to a worthy combination of reliability, high-quality build and components, stylish design, and reasonable cost. Of course, the products Cannondale – not generally available, but the money spent on the purchase of one of the models of this company will not be thrown away. You should understand that a Cannondale bike is not a one-year purchase. The lifetime warranty on the bike frame is a testament to the increased reliability of the brand’s products.

Cannondale is a company that has proven that it doesn’t have to exist for many decades to become one of the best and most advanced in the bike industry. Cannondale has managed to establish itself among professional riders and comfort riding enthusiasts for 20 years. Today, the company has not stopped evolving and annually introduces improved models for different categories of cyclists.

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