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Burn All Your Calories Riding a Bike! Everything about Burning Calories While Biking

calories burned mountain biking

What Does Cycling Do to Make You Slim?

While riding a bike, the heart rate starts to speed up, and this speeds up the energy expenditure and metabolism. The lipids are oxidized by the cells that receive more oxygen. Fats are broken down while releasing energy, which burns calories while riding a bike. The breakdown of a gram of lipids burns about 9 kcal.

The following factors determine how many calories cycling burns:

  1. Heart rate. More energy is expended while biking when the heart rate is high.
  2. The frequency and the depth of breathing. Breathing often and deeply helps your muscles to be better saturated with oxygen. That makes fats break down faster.
  3. Your individual physical characteristics. Calorie burning on a bicycle also depends on the weight of the athlete, his height, age, level of fitness.
  4. The duration of the ride and its intensity.
  5. The weight of the cyclist. Those who are overweight expend energy faster during the ride.

How Many Calories Are Burned Riding a Bike?

Depending on the set of factors listed above, 250 to 800 calories are burnt with mountain biking. The energy expenditure will differ from case to case. The more intense the ride, the more calories it will burn. If you take for example an athlete with a weight of 155 pounds, we get the following data for him:

  • a leisurely ride. When riding at a low speed, no more than 3-4 mph, an athlete with such a weight will spend about 220-250 kilocalories;
  • with a light load at a speed of 5-10 mph you can lose 270-350 bike riding burning calories. Thus, riding a bicycle for 5 miles for an hour, you can burn an average of 300 kcal;
  • average exercise at a speed of 10-15 mph you can get rid of 360-400 calories burned by mountain biking;
  • intense exercise, at a speed of about 17-20 mph, will make you spend 450-500 biking calories per hour;
  • if riding conditions are close to racing (speed over 20 mph), 600-700 kcal is the burning calories by biking;
  • and as for those who are professional mountain bikers or BMX cyclists, about 420 kcal are spent in normal terrain. If the conditions are equal to a mountain-bike competition when the terrain is quite difficult, and, in fact, there is not even a chance to take a breath, a lot of energy is spent, more than 800 mountain biking calories per hour.
calories burnt mountain biking

Respectively, if your weight is more, the caloric expenditure while cycling will be more, or less if you weigh less.

How to Calculate Biking Calories Burned per Hour?

The calculation depends, as we have already said, on the weight of the cyclist and the speed of the ride.

Let’s take a cyclist with a very light body weight of 100 pounds. If he rides slowly at 3 mph, he will spend (for the same 60 minutes) about 270 kcal. If he increases the speed to 5 mph, he will burn 360 kcal. And if he accelerates it to 20 mph – about 450 kcal. At an average speed of 6-7 mph, about 540 mountain biking calories are burned, and at higher speeds, about 720 kcal. Thus, if you ride for half an hour, divide the above figures by two. Increasing your body weight by every 10 increases your energy expenditure: a leisurely ride adds about 60 kcal, a light ride adds 80 kcal, an average hard ride on a mountain bike adds about 100 kcal.

To find out the exact amount of calories burnt in your specific case, you can use special online calculators that will calculate this amount, taking into account your weight, riding speed, and duration of exercise. The average is 400-500 kcal/hour. There are also mobile apps that count calories spent. For better control of your results, it is recommended to keep a diary of observation, recording the calories burned there.

For maximum effective calorie-burning you should:

  • ride for about 1-2 hours;
  • consider the load when riding, the bigger the lead, the more calories are burnt;
  • as for the weight of the bike, lighter models are preferred.

Thus, cycling is a great way to stay healthy and get rid of extra weight and strengthen your muscles in a productive and enjoyable way. And calories are burned not only during an active workout but also for a certain amount of time afterward. Beneficial to the process of weight loss and the fact that you do not work out in a stuffy room, and in the fresh air. We assure you that regular cycling, under the right conditions, will not leave extra calories a chance.

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