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Breaking Tips for Removing Bike Grips| Just Get the Job Done! All In One Article!

remove bike grips

How to remove bicycle grips? You have faced a problem and have no clue how to tackle it? In this article, we will show you the best way to remove bike grips and put a new one on the steering wheel with the lowest physical and moral forces. It will save your time, just read the article and get it done quickly!

Bicycle accessories allow you to improve the bike, to make it more comfortable, good-looking from the side, and most importantly to make your bike safer. We will tell you how to correctly remove bicycle grips on the bike on your own, in case the old handles have been damaged or if you want just to improve your iron friend.

Grips are special soft handles for a bicycle that allow the cyclist to hold onto the steering wheel while driving. Bicycle manufacturers supply their bikes already with their own-produced grips, and the question of their replacement is just a matter of taste. It is up to you to put a newer accessory and make your bicycle better. In the article we have listed the handiest tips for removing bike grips, go and read!

How to remove bike grips and replace them with new ones

replacing handlebar grips

The grips, like any other accessory, tend to wear out, so there comes a time when they need to be replaced. Of course, you can give your bike to a specialist who can easily cope with this task, but why should you lose money? It should be understood that after several years of use, grips become very difficult to remove because they can no longer be simply pulled off the handlebars, which is why you need to learn how to do this correctly.

The grips are very difficult to remove, at least for the reason that they cannot walk freely on the handlebars, they have to fit tightly to give the cyclist a firm grip on them. In the case of grips that have a special lock, thanks to which they are fixed to the handlebar, it is obvious that initially, you will have to disconnect the lock, and then proceed to replace the grips themselves.

It also happens sometimes that the locking clip is so tightly “stuck” to the handlebar that there is no other choice but to cut it off and throw it away. In this case, you will have to buy a new locking mechanism additionally (some companies sell the locking mechanisms together with the grips). It is worth noting that the best and easy way to remove bike grips, is the way of twisting by rotating around the axis of the steering wheel.

There are four main ways of removing handlebar grips, we will list them further.

Cutting off old grips

If an old handlebar grip is “stuck” to the handlebar and cannot be removed easily, and you do not intend to use it again, just cut it off carefully with a knife from the handlebar. You can make an incision along the whole length of the handlebar with a stationery knife or other sharp knife and remove it from the handlebar. This will save you a lot of time and nerves. Read further to know more tips for removing handlebar grips.

With the use of WD-type lubricant

If for any reason you will need the handlebar grip in the future, for example, if you just need to change the shifting levers or brake levers, you have to take it off so as not to damage it. If you can’t just twist it, try using a WD-type lubricant with a spout and a screwdriver, preferably a thin screwdriver. Put the screwdriver between the metal of the handlebar and the grip as deep as possible and, inserting the tube with the WD-lubricant into the gap you created, spray it inside. This should be done in 3-4 places, preferably on each side of the grip.

Removal with syringe and water

If you tried all the methods of removing handlebar grips described above and your handlebar grip did not come off, use a syringe of water. Fill a syringe with water, put the needle between the handlebar and the grips, and pump water from the syringe. The handlebar grip will loosen and you will have no problem removing bike grips. It also should be noted that this method only works well with rubber grips, as plastic or leather grips are difficult to remove with the syringe.

Boiled water

A handy method of removing bike grips from the handlebars, however not the most ordinary way to replace the accessory. Also, not all types of grips will be suitable for this method. The essence of the method is that when you remove the handlebars, it is necessary to pour boiling water or just hot water on them and leave for a while. In this case, the grips will become a little softer, which will allow the cyclist to remove the handlebar grips.

How to put a handlebar grip on a bicycle handlebar, tips for replacing bike handlebar grips?

removing bike grips

The process of putting the grips on the handlebar is very similar to the removal. First of all, check the grips for the diameter – they should fit exactly to the diameter of the bicycle handlebar. Usually, the handlebar is 22.2mm or 23.8mm in diameter. The tighter the handlebar grip is on the handlebar, the tighter it will stay on, it won’t scroll or slide off the handlebar.

When putting the grips on, there is one little secret: you need to moisten them inside to reduce friction. You can also moisten them with water, soap or sunflower oil (but you only need to use a bit of it). You should wait a few days to let the liquid dry. To avoid this, you can lubricate the handlebar before putting on the grips with alcohol or any alcohol-containing liquid, even cologne. The alcohol will evaporate much faster and you can ride without fear that the grips on the handlebars will fly off or scroll.

Of course, there are many more ways of removing grips from handlebars and replacing handlebar grips with a new one, but the article explains to you about the most common and handy ones, we hope this information will be useful for all cyclists.

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