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Bike Friday: Know How to Catch the Best Black Friday Road Bike Deal

Bike Friday on Black Friday

​​The Sale Day or, as we call it, Black Friday, is the most important event in the world of American shopping.

Buy Your Bike Friday on Black Friday!

Americans look forward to this day just as they do to New Year’s Eve or Christmas, because you can buy decent branded items at incredible discounts. Black Friday, which is on the first Friday after Thanksgiving Day in America, is a real shopping frenzy, not only in traditional stores but also online. This is the day you can buy a Bike Friday folding bike for a good price!

So What Is Black Friday?

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving in the U.S., which opens the Christmas sale season. It usually falls between November 23 and 29, this year it’s November 26. Initially, Black Friday was held mostly in offline stores and lasted only until the end of the weekend, but now it has moved online, and often the sale under that name can last for several weeks, if not a month. Although it’s not an official holiday, many Americans often take time off from work to go shopping. The exception is employees of retailers themselves, as the rush of customers on Black Friday increases many times over. Many stores on that day open very early, and some shopping centers start working at midnight. And to attract as many visitors as possible, retailers often offer the biggest discounts for the first visitors. There are even Walmart Black Friday bike sales for you to buy the cheap but good bike for you and your family!

History of the Black Friday Day

History of the Black Friday Day

The Black Friday tradition originated in Philadelphia in the 1950s. Philadelphia was the first to promote shopping the day after Thanksgiving with discounts and holiday decorations, attracting people from the suburbs. But today this day is for everyone, whether you want to buy a new dress, or balance bike on Black Friday.

The Essence of Black Friday

The Essence of Black Friday

Every year, around the shopping day holiday, there is a lot of discussion and conversation around the world. Black Friday was born in the U.S., and its analogs are found in almost every country. Except that in other countries sales can sometimes be trumped-up, and there’s almost no benefit from them, whereas in America, the approach is truly quite different. Living in the age of digital technology and the Internet, today it is not necessary to leave home to get to the sale of the year. You can just find your Black Friday electric bike deals online. All the world’s famous brands conduct their activities not only offline, but also online. In the catalogs of online stores, brands on Black Friday put up the same price tags as in retail stores. The Friday Bike is no exception.

Where Did the Name Come From?

Contrary to the popular theory about the origin of the name, Black Friday from the color of the ink used by the vendors, the term was coined by Philadelphia police officers. It was from Friday that vendors had to stop using red, which was used to record losses in the balance of sales. And they were to replace it with black, with which they only made huge profits. They had to work 12 hours each that day to deal with the pedestrian traffic and increased vehicular. Soon, the name “Black Friday” was used by the merchants themselves to describe the lines and shopping frenzy that formed in front of their stores. In the early 1960s, to get rid of the negative associations, attempts were made to rename Black Friday as Big Friday, but the name did not catch on.

What to Buy on Black Friday?

With the start of the annual sale, the pre-holiday rush begins. It is in the first days of Black Friday that many brands offer the best deals. During these days, you can save a lot of money on good-quality gifts for the holidays. Or you can pamper yourself with the dirt bike Black Friday deals. Global brands and sports retailers for a few days sell their goods at discounts, which sometimes reach unbelievable promotions, and the desired purchase can be obtained for next to nothing. This is true, because big businesses will not allow themselves to risk their reputations. Black Friday is a very high-profile event that has become part of the culture for Americans. Unlike some European countries, where pseudo-discounts are still possible on the websites of small companies or little-known brands, in America everything is fair. Now you know everything about Black Friday, so it is time to choose the bike on Black Friday!

What Is Black Friday Bike?

What Is Black Friday Bike?

Bike Friday is a high-end brand that offers many types of bikes (from eclectic to folding) for those who are primarily concerned with bike performance. All Friday folding bicycles have 20-22-inch wheels. Their special design provides the possibility of transportation in baggage. Also, many models can be quickly folded and placed in a travel bag, thus they are very well suited for commuting. A typical “basic” model (most Bike Friday bikes are made to order) folds in 30 seconds to a size of 27 × 27 × 10 inches (ca. 25 cm) and weighs only 25 lbs. Prices for folding bikes by Friday range from $730 to $3,400 for a custom-built bike. You can find more Black Friday road bike deals online.

The entire lineup is distinguished by its quality and design. Bike Friday bikes are chosen even by experienced cyclists with experience, as they have a great design and excellent technical characteristics, they are predictable on the road, as befits a bicycle of high quality. Due to the absence of gyroscopic forces in the front, the bike is very easy to handle. Thanks to the lightweight wheels, it is excellent on climbs and during the start. Riding and having a bike like this is a great pleasure.

Road Bike Black Friday Reviews

  1. Bike Friday Haul-A-Day – incredibly comfortable and versatile. This bike can help you transport many things: hunting gear, tents, shopping, and even dogs and kids! Although it is a cargo bike, its weight of 75 pounds (ca. 34 kg) is the lightest on the market. The performance bike Black Friday has a good speed range, as it has 24 speeds, which will allow you to get great speeds on it. Because of these qualities, the bike rides like any other bike while being loaded with cargo. The bike is easy to maneuver when getting on and off.
  2. Bike Friday pocket rocket – its model was invented by brothers Alan and Hanz Scholz. They dreamed of building a comfortable road bike that could be easily carried on airplanes. After years of testing, they invented this ultralight and maneuverable Pocket Rocket bicycle. The bikes have an easy ride and easy handling, and the fact that it’s a folding bike doesn’t hurt it in any way. The bike is equipped with larger 20-inch wheels, 451 mm. You can find your best bike Black Friday deal on the official website of the company.
  3. Bike Friday Pak It – is one of the smallest and lightest bikes in the world. Can you imagine that it fits in a backpack? It is a city folding bike that is suitable for short distances such as shopping. Your mobile life will be easier with this miniature bike. The bike is extremely comfortable and smooth to ride. It’s also great for kids, so check out the site and get the best Black Friday kid’s bike deal!
  4. Bike Friday Tiket. This moment has arrived! Now you can go on a bike tour with your friend or significant other on the same bike! Our Bike Friday Tandem is perfect for you to explore the city together. In addition to the bike’s ability to carry a couple of people, it’s also foldable! You can easily fit it in the trunk of your car or take it with you on a plane. It’s ideal for people who want to explore Paris with two people on a bicycle.
  5. Stationary bike Black Friday. The Friday company even produces stationary bikes for their customers! They are easy to use, have access to different services. We have already written an article about Peloton, they are expensive, but you may find peloton bike Black Friday.
  6. Bike Friday New World Tourist – is a world-class touring bike. It’s capable of carrying a big load, so feel free to pack your bags and take a trip across the U.S.
Road Bike Black Friday Review

Unfortunately, Friday company do not sell mountain bike on Black Friday, as they do not produce them. Try to search for other companies to buy a bike on the best Black Friday mountain bike deals.

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