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How Many Miles on a Bike Is a Good Workout: Read This before Biking 10 Miles a Day!

is biking good exercise

Is Biking Good Exercise?

Physical activity is beneficial to your overall health. Riding a bicycle is no exception. This process is turned into a real competition, in which people ride 100 km on a bicycle. However, this article will be about biking 10 miles a day. Often people who do not belong to the category of professional athletes ask if they can overcome such a distance. It turns out they can, but it is very important to pay attention to a few basic points.

Physical fitness

It is important to make a sober assessment of your physical fitness before planning a 10-mile bike ride. Furthermore, it is interesting that a cyclist uses the same amount of energy when riding on a flat surface as a pedestrian. In particular, beginners move at a speed not exceeding 10 mph. How long does it take to ride a bike 10 miles? From the previous statement, we can understand that riding 10 miles will take approximately 1 hour, however, the 10-mile bike ride time will mostly depend on the cyclist. It may take less or more.

What should you do to overcome such a distance? In order to overcome long distances, it is necessary to prepare the body for the strain. First, pay attention to such important aspects:

  • provide yourself with the most comfortable riding conditions. It is necessary to set the correct landing on the vehicle, namely the height, saddle angle, saddle height. These indicators should match your build and height;
  • one of the key secrets of success is a high cadence. That is, the rhythm of how you pedal should be at least 70 revolutions per minute;
  • it is important to dress appropriately for the weather. If it’s cold outside, it’s worth insulating your knees;
  • maintain a water balance. It is important to drink clear, non-carbonated water during all physical activity. This will also help to get rid of the bike 10 miles calories.

The Basic Rule of Riding a Bike 10 Miles a Day Is Regularity

biking 10 miles a day

There is no need for a separate complex of exercises that focuses on the development of leg muscles. Neither gym is needed. It is important to enjoy the process, but not to overload yourself.

It is worth adhering to certain systems, with which you can control the process of training. During the first week, it is worth training 5 times. At this time it is worth it to pass different distances. You can start with biking 4 miles a day, then continue with biking 6 miles a day and finish with biking 8 miles a day. In the second week, it is worth increasing the distance a little, and 4 training sessions are enough. It is necessary to overcome 9 and 10 miles in one training session. Now you are ready to do more than 10 miles, so prepare yourself for biking 12 miles a day.

The third and the fourth week continue with riding 10 miles. How long to bike 10 miles in order to start biking longer distances? We suggest that 2 weeks of regular riding a bike will be enough for you to move further! And trust us, you will be shocked when you see the calories burned biking 10 miles. In the fifth week, after riding hundreds of miles, you will be able to cover biking 15 miles a day or even 20 miles. This plan can be tweaked, you can change the parameters a little based on the individual characteristics of each beginner athlete.

How Many Miles Is a Good Bike Ride?

An important criterion when practicing this sport is endurance. It is important to gradually increase the load, you should not try to break a record in one session. During the ride, you should not feel the tension in the muscles. If you feel worse, tired, especially in the first stages, you can stop, walk a little. Athletes recommend in this case to ride for an hour without stopping, then walk for 15 minutes with a light step, while doing a small warm-up. When riding the bike, especially if you want to cover long distances, it is important to enjoy the process. With this activity, you will not only tighten your body but also see all the beauty of the surrounding nature. In order to avoid boredom, you should choose interesting routes.

Think in advance about the way there and back. It is interesting when this route will not be similar. Many people use this activity for emotional discharge. It is so nice to ride, enjoying the surrounding beauty, and feeling the freedom. Thus, you can easily get rid of stress, tension, and domestic problems. Another important aspect is nutrition. It is important to consider that biking 10 miles calories are gone within seconds. Therefore, it is important to renew strength in a timely manner, while choosing the right, nutritious foods. In order to keep the body toned, it is enough to take with you on the road a few healthy, tasty snacks. However, you should not overeat, because during the trip in this case you will feel heavy and uncomfortable, unpleasant feelings.

How Many Miles on a Bike Is a Good Workout for Losing Weight?

bike 10 miles a day

If you decide to fight with the help of a bike against weight, you should remember that during a period of 30-50 minutes your body spends the energy reserves it has, but not the fat. When it runs out, fat deposits will start to be broken down, i.e. the calorie expenditure process will start. Unfortunately, fat is very energy-consuming, and each gram of it generates 9 kcal of heat.

If you make a rough estimation for a man with a weight of more than 100 kg and a height of 190 cm, it turns out that for him the ideal weight is 90 kg, which means he needs to burn almost 30 thousand grams of fat. Multiplying this by 9 kcal, we get 270 thousand kilocalories of heat. 300-350 calories burned 10-mile bike ride for such a person. As a result, to lose 30 kg, you would need to do 385 bike rides of 2 hours each. Of course, these calculations are very approximate, and many other factors affect the intensity of weight loss: metabolic rate, exercise time, heart rate, and more. For example, cross-country cycling consumes significantly more calories than riding a gym bike.

What affects the intensity of calorie burning? We’ll tell you how many calories cycling burns in an hour or a kilometer, but let’s start with the factors that affect the rate at which you get rid of excess fat:

  • heart rate. Heart rate determines how fast calories will be burned during the ride;
  • more frequent and deeper breathing is a sign of an effective workout. It saturates the muscles with oxygen, triggering the fat-burning process;
  • level of fitness and body characteristics. Calorie burning depends on weight, height, age, and fitness level. For example, athletes need less energy to cover a certain distance on a bicycle than beginners;
  • the intensity and timing of the workout.

How Many Calories Biking 10 Miles Are Burned?

10 mile bike ride

So, if you are not satisfied with your body weight, and you are wondering how many calories are spent on a bicycle, now we will find out. Depending on the riding conditions and the characteristics of your body, riding a bike will help you get rid of 200 and 900 calories. Read the above-mentioned factors, as they influence the statistics.

Let us take body weight of 45 kg as an example: riding a bike 10 miles calories burned about 300 calories, and if you ride at a speed of 5 mph, the consumption indicators will show 500 kcal. While riding a bike with a speed of 12 mph, you can burn up to 700 kcal.

Body weight should be taken into consideration while calculating the intensity of calorie burning:

  • 60 kcal/h at 3 mph;
  • 100 kcal/h at 5 mph;
  • 160 kcal/h at 8 mph.

Using this, we can tell a person with a body weight of 75 kg burns 900 kcal while riding a bicycle at a speed of 6-7 mph. If you weigh 65 kg, and you ride at a speed of 4 mph, you will burn about 490-500 kcal every riding hour.

It is interesting that when you ride on rough and rocky terrain, the consumption of calories starts to rapidly increase. The same applies to riding uphill or riding on surfaces with resistance (sand, gravel, pebbles). A cyclist who rides with constant alternating loads is able to double the results of calorie burning. For example, you can ride for one minute fast and then slow down and rest for several minutes. Such alternating activities are good for speeding up your metabolism and energy expenditure. Regardless of the cycling mode you choose, the exercise should be comfortable. You have to max out, but not to the point where you have to lie down and recuperate for hours afterward.
Based on the above information, you can calculate how many 10-mile bike ride calories you can burn on a bicycle in an hour with a particular type of riding, and make your workouts as effective as possible.

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