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It Is Time for a Family Ride! How to Choose Bikes for a Family? Our Recommendations

Bikes for Family: What Are They and How to Choose?

Bikes for Family: What Are They and How to Choose?

It’s the height of the season, and it’s the height of any season, whether it’s swimming or “riding”. How not to get lost in the variety and choose the right bike, depending on age, anticipated routes, and tastes? Here are some tips on how to choose bikes for the family members and bikes with kid seats from the Bikeandmore blog.

There are bicycles for every taste, and the color variety can blow your mind. Of course, there are bikes for adults and children of different ages. In order not to get confused in this variety, we were told how to choose the right bike.

What to Consider before Buying?

What to Consider before Buying?

Measure Your Height

Before choosing the best family bikes, do some measurements. The total length of the bicycle and, therefore the wheel diameter, is chosen according to your height. The right length ensures a proper fit and a healthy back. And in a larger frame, you can put a bigger wheel – it would allow you to ride faster. If it is going to be a mommy and toddler bike, then do measurements of your child as well.

You Need to Figure Out Where You’re Going to Ride More Often

The answer to this question determines the type and width of tires and the type of bike in general. The most common answer is “everywhere.” For comfortable daily bike rides or to get to the garden, private summer house, picnic, or river, the so-called universal mountain bike or MTB is suitable. It is perfect either on the asphalt or on the forest and mountain roads.

What if you want to ride longer, but on a good road? Maybe you love speed and faster rides? Your choice is a road bike. Being the lightest, these bikes are often not even made of aluminum, as slower brothers, and from carbon. Add to this a sporty handlebar and a proper fit, then from any, even the smallest hill you do not have to pedal at all. At the other extreme are the real mountain bikes, the fat bikes.

The wide wheels, alongside with the low pressure of the tube, allow you to ride on the most unsuitable places: sand, high grass, and even snow. The offloaded in the world of cycling. By the way, we already talked about quiet rides around town on a bike with a bench seat or a bicycle with a basket and rack.

Usually, such bicycles are called city bike, and they are coming back into fashion. Like in the good old days, but there are already versions with the ability to switch speeds, better equipment, and different styles it became much more convenient. And on top of it, the cost of such bikes is lower than others due to their simplicity of design (plus the cost of the bike bucket seat).

How to Choose the Best Bike for Mom, Dad, and Child?

How to Choose the Best Bike for Mom, Dad, and Child?

The first thing to look at when choosing a bike for a mom and child is the frame. It is the most important part of the bicycle and serves as a kind of spine. Its size determines the comfort, fit, and even safety of the cyclist. The material from which it is made depends on the life of the bike. Let us briefly emphasize a few points:

  • Steel frames are more durable compared to aluminum frames, are cheaper, require less maintenance, absorb vibration better and hold shocks. The disadvantages are have higher weight, simple appearance, and susceptibility to corrosion. This frame is perfect in order to install the bike bucket, as steel is durable and would easily carry such a load;
  • Frames made of aluminum alloys are lightweight, less prone to corrosion, faster, and have different designs, and shapes. Of the disadvantages – have a limited lifespan at 5-10 years’ when riding in the winter period requires special care; can not be repaired; and does not dampen the vibration;
  • Titanium and carbon frames – these are a separate topic, such materials have their own characteristics and are found on the market very rarely.

If the weight of the bike does not matter, i.e. you do not have to drag it by hand to high floors, and you need to have a bucket bike seat. Also, if the shape is not important, and you want to save money, look into steel frames. If you have to carry the bike by hand up and down stairwells, however, design is important to you. And if you plan to go with it on a little trip or ride in extreme conditions, then choose a frame of aluminum alloy.

A very important point is the size of the frame,. There is a simple method that would help you make the right choice. Put the bike between your feet and check the distance between your groin and the center of the frame -, it should be at least 2 inches (about the width of your palm). Also, pay attention to the handlebar of dad’s bike and bike for mommy and baby – it should be threadless and at least semi-integrated, Since it is a transitional type to the professional level.

Next, when choosing a dad, mom, and baby bike you should pay attention to the wheels. There are several basic sizes – 26, 27.5, 28, and 29 inches. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. And if they tell you that 26″ wheels are old-fashioned and no one rides them anymore, you can safely walk out of that store, because the seller wants to sell you something you don’t need. Let’s go a little deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and you’ll see for yourself which size is best for you. Further, we will explain the main sizes of the wheels:

  • 26″ wheels. This size came into the world of bicycles with military racing motorcycles., later gained wide popularity. Advantages – excellent maneuverability, the most rigid (withstands a great shock), ideal for the city and riding in the woods, fast acceleration, low cost, a huge range of components. Minuses – less rolling, lower speed, more sensitive to obstacles on the road;
  • 28″ – the common tire size, used on most bikes for mom and kids. This size tends to have a small width and is used for riding on paved roads. These models are installed on urban and touring models, as well as road bikes. The narrower the width of the tire, the less resistance.

The rest of the parts of the best bike for family riding, as a rule, are put on with the principle – the more expensive the bike, the better and more reliable their equipment is.

Choosing a Bicycle for Your Child

When choosing a vehicle for babies, you need to choose it according to the age and height of the child. Three-wheeled models are suitable for the little ones, older children need a two-wheeled bike with two tiny wheels on each side. Over time, the child already develops a sense of balance and the extra wheels are removed. The size of the frame and wheels should be chosen individually, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the child. Another option is to buy a ”mommy and me” bike.

Bicycle for Teenagers

Teenage bicycles are almost identical to the adult model of the road bike, but they are available in slightly smaller sizes, specifically for the growth of the child. These bicycles are adapted to long rides over long distances, as at this age children are very keen on such rides. There are also many accessories for these models, different tire options, and more.

Bicycle for Adults

Adult models are divided into city, road, and mountain models. Road bikes are the most common “classic” version of bicycles – they are perfect to make daily walks, trips to nature, and daily commutes. Road models have two frame layout options – closed and open, or the more common name of the male variant or women’s. Some bikes where the adult and a child can sit are called bikes for mom and baby.

Men’s bicycle by design is more durable and reliable, but due to anatomical reasons, women might not very comfortable riding such bicycles.his was the basis for creating a special women’s bicycles with an open frame.

Adult Bike with Kid Seat

We also want to talk about the choice of a bicycle for trips with a child. Here, in addition to choosing the bike itself, it is very important to choose the right child seat and all the necessary accessories.

When choosing a bike with a kid bucket it is necessary to select it according to the age. It is better to try it with your child before buying, and to check the fixation device of the bucket bikes. It is necessary to choose high-quality diode lights for your bike with a kid`s seat, thanks to which you would be easily seen on the road. Installing a child seat can be done in the back of the bike, so for rides with children suitable for both men’s and women’s bicycles.

Now you are armed with all the knowledge you need to choose the perfect bike for yourself and each member of your family. Thanks for staying with us!

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