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Bike Wash Tips

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Bicycle, like any other thing, loves care. Even if you ride very carefully on asphalt, the frame, wheels, mudguards get dirty. Probably every cyclist wondered how to clean a bike perfectly because when your iron horse sparkles in the sun and shines clean, it is much more pleasant to ride, and the clean bike looks like new.

However, bicycle wash is not the easiest procedure. You can not just drown your transport in soapy water, because there are mechanisms that will suffer from excessive moisture.

Best Places For Cleaning Bicycle

how to clean a bike

Car wash. You can ride up to a car wash and ask the operator about cleaning a bike with high pressure, or better ask to use it and make your washing. It is possible to agree on the cost.

Bathroom. Remove the front wheel, put your bicycle in the bath, and wash off all dirt under the shower (with a small pressure), then use a brush with soapy water to clean all places where the dirt has not been removed.

Street. Take a bucket of soapy water and a washcloth and wash away any dirty spots. Rinse your bicycle with clean water.

In any bicycle cleaning (especially with high pressure), be very careful, as water with dirt and sand can penetrate the bearings and other important systems, which can cause malfunctions.

When you decide about washing a bike spot, you can start cleaning the most important components.

Bike Wash Order

cleaning bicycle
  1. The first thing to do is to clean the transmission. There is a lot of dirt in the gears, which is difficult to clean. Apply the degreaser to the rag, or you can immediately apply it to the rear sprocket and then remove all the dirt. You can use an old toothbrush or shoe brush to clean the sprockets.
  2. Then pull the chain back and clean the front sprockets in the same way. Put the chain back on and clean it with a toothbrush or a special detergent device and run the chain several times until the detergent is clean after runs. Wash the detergent in the same way, only with water, two or three times.
  3. Clean the frame. The very first step is to wash the frame under a jet of water, or you can wipe it with a wet cloth. Careful, if the water pressure is too high, you may damage the frame. Rinse the frame with water.
  4. Next, we need a bucket of soapy water and the sponges we prepared earlier. Everything here is simple, soap the bike and wait a minute for the foam to penetrate the mud.
  5. After all the manipulations, you can also wash everything off with water with a hose, or wipe it off several times with a wet cloth.
  6. Just beyond that, we need a dry rag to wipe everything dry.
  7. After you’ve washed your bike, take a dry cloth that absorbs moisture well and wipe dry so that there are no streaks or drops left.
  8. When your bike is completely dry, grease all moving parts, chain, switches, etc.

Bike Cleaning Tips

  • Very often, after washing using water pressure, the pedals start to click because sand gets into the bearings. To avoid this, remove the pedals before washing.
  • If you want to return the original shine to the paint, polish the frame with car polish.
  • To make the wheels look like a new bike, you can use silicone.
  • Clean the switches well with a toothbrush or a small brush.
  • Be sure to grease your bike after washing.
  • Roll out the brakes. Do not ride out on the road and do not accelerate until you are sure that the brakes are completely dry.
  • Drop some oil or any other liquid grease on the cables and press the brake lever.

Be careful, watch out for your iron friend, and he will serve you reliably. It is much more pleasant to look at a clean and shiny bike as if it were a new one.

Also, don’t forget about safety and don’t ride your wet bike on high-speed roads, as its mechanisms will not work reliably. Follow the safety rules on the road and take care of your vehicle.

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