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Bike speed records

bike records

The bicycle is considered one of the most convenient, simple, and environmentally-friendly vehicles. Moreover, it is one of the most widespread and popular sports among athletes, as well as ordinary amateurs. And the reasons for this are not only the desire of people to be healthy and maintain physical condition but also a variety of types of riding, beginning with simple bikes and ending with bikes for tricks, such as BMX.

Top bicycle speed you can reach on your bike

bicycle records

To begin with, did you know that while riding the cyclist thinks his speed is much higher than it actually is. So, cycling speed depends on many factors: physical condition, road surface, wind, and other road reasons to ride slower. For example, in a city with heavy traffic, it is possible to drive at an average speed of 10-15 kilometers per hour. But on a float road, a trained person, not even an athlete can reach a speed of 30-50 kilometers per hour. At the same time, on the rise uphill, the pace will drop to 30 kilometers per hour and below, and on the descent, it will increase to 60 kilometers per hour.

How is the type of bike connected with speed?

The frame, the size of the wheels, the width of the handlebars, the weight of the parts- these all not only affect the riding speed but also determines the type of bike and the purpose for which the bike should be used.

  • A city bike is designed for riding on a flat road or more or less smooth forest path. The frame is not designed for too high speeds, as it is used for comfortable walks with family or friends. There are also models with speed switches, which allow you to set the desired gear. They don’t weigh much- an average of about 14 kilograms. They can reach speeds of up to 23 kilometers per hour, and the average speed will remain within 12-17 kilometers per hour in the city and about 20 kilometers per hour on the highway.
  • The road bike is designed specifically for high-speed riding. The main design feature is a very high frame and a narrow handlebar with special handles. You should ride it with your chest pressed against the steering wheel as much as possible. Such a bike can develop and maintain an average speed of 28-33 kilometers per hour.
  • There are many types of mountain bikes with different characteristics and weights. The main goal is cross-country driving. Most mountain bike models have gears. These bicycles weigh from 13 to 27 kilograms, depending on the configuration and profile purpose. They have a wide steering wheel and large wheels. The average highway speed is approximately 25 kilometers per hour.

Bicycle world speed records that will definitely shock you!

top bicycle speed
One of the first bike records

One of the first attempts to set a bicycle speed record was made in June 1899. Cyclist Charles Murphy accelerated, caught on the last car of the train. Thus, the cyclist was able to accelerate his transport to an impressive at that time 100.2 kilometers per hour. For this, he was nicknamed “Mile-a-minute-Murphy”.

Second attempt to set bicycle records

Charles Murphy’s record remained unbroken for almost 40 years until the American cyclist Albert Marquet beat him in 1937. But this extreme was no longer clinging to the train, but the racing car. Thus, the American managed to reach a speed of 139.9 kilometers per hour.

  • Fred Rompelberg accelerated his bike to 268.7 kilometers per hour in 1995. He was just driving his vehicle behind the car.
  • Denise Mueller-Korenek- a 45-year-old woman was able to overbeat Rompelberg, at the bottom of Lake Bonneville, the cyclist accelerated 295.6 kilometers per hour.
  • French cyclist Francois Gissy was also able to break Rompelberg’s record. He accelerated to a speed of 333 kilometers per hour. But his bike wasn’t easy, it had: extended frame, jet engine welded to the frame, and hydrogen peroxide as a fuel. For more effect and brightness of the record of top bike speed, Gissy decided to compete with the Ferrari F430 Scuderia.
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