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Bike Prices Guide

bicycle cost

The range of bike prices is much wider than cars’. From 100 to 10000 dollars – a hundred times the difference. When planning how much should you spend on a bike, it’s necessary to understand what benefits you will get and whether you need them. Conversely, if you already know what technology and equipment should be on your bike, you’ll understand which bicycle price to pay attention to.

Here is an overview of how much do bikes cost in branded stores. We’ve specified the most influential parameters for the average cost of a bicycle range so you can compare your budget with your expectations of average bike cost.


cost of a bike

I’ll tell you right away: it is not worth looking for a sports bike (mountain bike, or a double suspension, etc.) at such a cost of a bike. But you can buy an inexpensive road bike on a steel frame, usually with one, sometimes with three speeds. It will be not a very light bike without additional technology. And what technologies are needed if you just want to ride and not care about maintenance and not worry too much if the bike will disappear?

And there is no need to talk about weight in general, because this bike is not for racing, or even for fitness. It is a workhorse, and it can be quite cute for this money!

PRICE $300-500

bike prices guide

For this amount, you will get an initial bike in a good brand line. Accessories will be low class, but workable. Look at the entire lineup of bikes on the same frame. If you see bikes of the equivalent of $1,000 or more, you will get a good start. – it means that the frame is worthy of higher class components. You can increase the level of components as time goes by, and build a higher class bike on this frame.

A bike for $300-500 is the minimum acceptable option for inexperienced beginners and will not cause you any problems. The shock absorber in this range will only be at the front of the fork, or there will be no shock absorbers at all.

Usually, the fair weight of a bike in this class is 14-15.5 kg. If you see bike prices below $300 per bike – be careful, there are no miracles.

PRICE $500-1500

bicycle price

In this bicycle best price range, you will find semi-pro models in the categories of mountain, cross, tourist, and city bikes. For this money, you can already count on air or, at least, a spring and oil fork, which can rightfully be called shock absorbers. Such forks, in comparison with spring elastomeric forks, work out well the relief of the track, providing good control in the ride. For example, an oil-spring fork can have a rebound speed setting (at which speed the fork should expand after compression), lockout, and stroke control (eg 80, 100, and 120 mm).

An air fork is the best thing you have today. The air chamber instead of a steel spring, thee makes the fork much lighter. If you can only change the stiffness in a spring fork by changing the spring (buying a variable spring is a very difficult task), the stiffness of the air fork is changed by using a special pump to add air to the chamber. The air fork can have adjustable compression speed, bounce speed, stroke control, and stable platform technology that reduces the effect of parasitic suspension swinging under the pedal.

Dual hangers are available from $1,000 and above. These are the most advanced off-road bikes, and their advantages are described above. In addition to high-end frames and pendants, these bikes use new technologies that increase their efficiency.

As for the rest of the bike equipment in this price niche, it corresponds to its bicycle cost class. Switches, transmission, rim, rubber, spokes – all without exception, are much lighter, more technologically advanced, and more beautiful than bikes in the initial price niche. In short: it is a bike for riding seriously for a long time.

PRICE $1500-10000

bike prices

In this segment, there are real racing or tricked-out vehicles in all categories: super-light cross country and all mountain bikes, carbon double suspensions, elite highway, cruiser and electric bikes. In short, high-tech and exclusive models for wealthy people.

These models increasingly use carbon, expensive finishing materials, perfect shock absorbers, and brakes, only the best and lightest components. All this, of course, you will feel when riding such a bike, and the very fact of ownership of it will bring a lot of pleasant moments and admiring glances.

Consultants will tell you a lot about each such bike because there is a lot to tell about it. Each cycle is individual. Of course, you should choose a two-wheeled friend in this category, if you can afford such a purchase.

Now you know why are bikes so expensive and how to choose the most suitable one for you. Every new bicycle price category is a compromise between the quality of your ride and money. Of course, only you can decide how much should you spend on a bike, but our recommendations are the maximum of what you can dedicate to your hobby.

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