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Cup Holders for Bikes: Why Do You Need Them and How to Choose the Right Drink Holder?

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Is It So Simple to Choose the Cup Holder for Bike?

The bike cup holder: it would seem that there is nothing complicated about choosing such a simple accessory. But bicycle enthusiasts are always very careful when choosing accessories for their two-wheeled friends. Many want the bike cup holders to be stylish and have a provocative look, while others just want to get a simple and useful function. So, as you may see, this choice is not so simple!

Why Cup Holders for Bikes Are So Important?

When riding a bicycle, the human body is highly stressed, which leads to profuse sweating and fluid loss. If you do not drink water often while riding, you get a feeling of thirst, which kills the enjoyment of the ride and leads to serious joint diseases. Therefore, it is always necessary to have a sufficient supply of water during the trip.

For this purpose, it is necessary to buy a special bicycle bottle or even a few, as well as a special bike can holder, to attach it to the bike. The cup holder for bikes come in different types: ones which are mounted on the frame of the bicycle or ones which are attached to the handlebar ( so-called bike handlebar cup holders).

Of course, you can carry an ordinary plastic bottle in your backpack, but then you will have to stop and get into the backpack every time you are thirsty. It will not be a trip, but the constant stops. The advantage of a special bottle over a regular bottle is that it has a valve that opens with one hand while driving. Therefore, the purchase of a special bottle or a cup together with the cup holder bike is a must for all cyclists.

The Proper Bicycle Bottle

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Before choosing the proper rim or handlebar cup holder, you should better choose the proper bicycle bottle, which you will fit in the bicycle handlebar drink holder. The main requirements for cycling bottles:

  1. It should be easily opened and closed with one hand to make it convenient to drink right on the way without stopping, so screw caps are not an option. Most of the bike bottles have a special valve that is opened by pulling with your teeth. It protects the liquid from dust and even when open keeps it from spilling out on the road. The valve made of soft rubberized material is more convenient than the hard plastic one, but it deforms faster and can leak water over time. Some bottles add a dust cap to cover the valve. A cap is more hygienic, but less convenient: it is easy to open it on the go, but to close it you should make an effort. And if you don’t close it, the dust cap will bang against the cup or bottle, which annoys a lot of people.
  2. The cycling bottle to a cup should fit a standard bicycle handlebar cup holder. In order to easily take out the cup or bottle and put it back in without stopping the bike, it must be 3 inches in diameter – most bike bottles and cups and bike handlebar drink holders are made of this exact size. There are non-standard, narrower models, designed for professional athletes, taking into account the aerodynamics, but ordinary bike riders are unlikely to need such.
  3. The bottle or cup should be roomy and capacious enough. Usually, they are available in the volume of 0.5, 0.68, 0.75, and 1 liter. If the size and shape of the frame allow, it’s better to choose a larger one, and during the short trips, you may just not fill it to the brim, so as not to carry extra weight. Or buy several variants of different volumes for different lengths of rides. However, in this case you will be forced to buy different bicycle drink holder handlebars in different sizes.
  4. They should be ergonomically shaped, with ledges, rubberized or embossed elements so that the bottle would lie comfortably in your hand and not slip out of your fingers.
  5. As well, the bottles should be with a wide neck so that you can add slices of fruit or put ice in the water.
  6. Matching the design to the bike. Aesthetically things are more pleasant to use.
  7. Do not forget about the weight. You do not need extra weight on the bike, and the lighter the bottle, the better. But modern bicycle bottles are usually all quite light, so this point is unlikely to be decisive.
  8. No extraneous or unpleasant odors. Many new bottles have a slight manufacturing smell that goes away after one or more treatments with dish detergent.

If the smell is strong and won’t go away, that’s a reason to wonder about the quality of the item. It is very likely that its material is not safe for health. Perfect, now you know how to choose the bottle or a cup, the next point is the choice of the road bike cup holder!

The Bicycle Cup Holder Handlebar or Rim Types

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The cup holder for bike handlebars or rim is one of the most necessary bicycle accessories. Its correct choice determines the reliability of fixation of the cup, as well as comfort during the ride. Losing the water bottle or a cup is distracting, and frequent stops and searches for bottles spoil the pleasure of the ride.

The cup holder for bicycle handlebars or rim differs in terms of material, location, and method of attachment. They usually consist of a bottle holder and an adjustable or non-adjustable retainer that holds the bottle.

  • Materials of the bicycle drink holders. We have already discussed the choice of material for a bicycle frame. So, it’s all the same here, here the material also plays a role.

The main materials of the bike handlebar cup holder:

  • Plastic will do its job for a while until it cracks. But its low cost allows you to get a new one without any struggle;
  • aluminum is much better than plastic in terms of strength, but this material is rather quickly worn and bent, which inevitably leads to the loss of integrity of the construction. Of course, all these negative facts are true in the case of frequent and ruthless use;
  • steel- one of the cheapest materials with high strength and ductility. If over time, the fastener ceases to hold the bottle tightly, it is enough to trim it to the desired shape. An unpleasant feature of the steel handlebar drink holder is their tendency to rust and relatively high weight;
  • carbon. Understandably, if the whole bike is in carbon, why should this bike cup holder handlebar be made of something else! It combines low weight with high strength;
  • titanium is a God among materials. Its low weight, strength is cosmic and looks unchangeable over time.

Therefore, if you want a more affordable holder, then your choice is aluminum or plastic holders. Steel and titanium ones are the best in terms of durability, but the price is high.

  • Location. The bottle holders can be attached to the following elements of the bike:
  • The frame, which is the most convenient and popular option. Most modern bikes are equipped with frames that have holes with M5 threads for the bottle holders and/or pump. Almost all mountain bike cup holders are located on the frame, as it is more secure while riding;
  • The handlebars are also common places to mount the flask. The receptacle is attached to the handlebar with clamps. Very convenient place. And especially for the most athletic people, the bike manufacturers came up with the idea of the handlebar beer holder;
  • Trunk. You can carry a large supply of water in the trunk, by installing special holders. This option is not good for you if you are wondering about how to make a cup holder for a bike comfortable to use while driving, as you will have no option but to stop to drink some water.
  • Saddle frame. It is easy to attach wire holders with special clamps.
  • Front fork. The holder is mounted on the fork pants, you can use both left and right sides. You can carry large bottles.

Which Manufacturer of the Bike Bottle or Cup Holder to Choose?

bike cup holders
  1. AIKATE bike cup holder- one of the best cup holders ever created for bikes! This device is easy to install, it has an eye-catching design and premium quality materials. In addition, you will have a three-month guarantee in case you do not like the product.
  2. Huffy handlebar cup holder. We highly recommend this holder as its installation will not take more than 5 minutes, it is durable and made of good materials. The advantages are that this holder fits well and can be used in a car or wheelchair.
  3. DaddieCaddie Cup Holder is definitely our leader on this list! It is the most convenient bike koozie cup holder with an easy installation process and long-life service. The best of this cup holder is that it holds cold for a long time, so you can enjoy your cold drink even in the summer!
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