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Bicycle Tattoo Ideas

With the rise of the bicycle as an affordable and environmentally friendly means of transportation, bicycle tattoos are becoming more and more popular. It is being tattooed on both real cycling professionals and amateurs to show their affection for their two-wheeled friend.

It is believed that the owners of the bike tattoo designs change for the better, they become more sociable and easygoing people. Many of them begin to travel around the world regardless of finances, relying only on their strength.

The bicycle tattoo symbolizes freedom, movement, the desire to get to the goal. To reinforce this meaning, it is often depicted with wings or as a perpetual motion machine. Choosing a bicycle tattoo, you can hope that life will change for the better, becoming more active.

It was circus performers who first used the image of a bicycle along with a circus animal riding it. As cycling evolved, the drawing of a bicycle began to appear on the body of athletes, and later in fans of this transport.

To date, bike tattoos can be in any shape and style. The picture can be three-dimensional, detailed, as well as modest, or with unfilled contours. The rider can be real or mythical characters, animals, buildings. It all depends on what the owner is trying to express with this tattoo.

Who chooses bicycle tattoo designs?

bike tattoo designs

Immediate and positive people usually choose the sketch of a colorful, children’s bike. A cyclist tattoo of an old-fashioned bike with lots of details means that its owner is a serious and responsible person. Modern and stylish bike the choice of young people, going with the times.

The most popular style of tattoos depicting a bike is retro. This, firstly, looks very unusual, stylish, and secondly, immediately attracts the eye.

We can distinguish four categories of people who choose a bicycle tattoo:

  • Professional cyclist.
  • A bicycle fanatic.
  • Circus performer.
  • The owner of an excellent sense of humor.

Meaning of tattoos for women and men

bicycle tattoo

Biking tattoo ideas are associated with purposeful, kind, freedom-loving, easy, appreciating every moment of life and leading a healthy lifestyle people. Over time, the drawing on the body only strengthens these values.

The bicycle as a universal symbol is equally suitable for both girls and men. While biking tattoos makes men more energetic, punchy, sociable, it makes women more active and positive.

It can be done in both male and female styles. Men’s bikes are most often depicted with a high frame and sharp lines, while women’s bikes are depicted with rounded corners and a low frame, sometimes with a flower basket. Usually, women choose a small size cyclist tattoos that look great on the ankle or wrist, while men choose a larger size and place it on the back or chest.

Stylistics, types, and places for tattoos

bicycle tattoo choice

The simple bicycle tattoo can be done in a variety of styles, but these three are the most popular:

  • Retro – complemented by recognizable vintage elements: ribbons, a simple seat, a purse for tools, wicker baskets. This style is most often chosen by women.
  • Minimalism – consists of laconic or unfinished lines, a minimal set of colors. Such tattoos are usually small, elegant, easy to fit on the wrist. It is chosen by people who do not want drastic changes in their bodies.
  • Realism – a drawing made with a maximum accuracy of all the small details, for example, a bicycle chain, and an extensive range of colors. This style is more suitable for men.

Types of bike-related tattoos

bicycle tattoo designs
  • Small size – suitable for women, looks neat on small parts of the body.
  • Careful drawing of details – looks very real, effective, and colorful.
  • 3D – with this three-dimensional drawing you can achieve the effect of spinning wheels.
  • Elements of the bike – most often these are bicycle chains or wheels.
  • Vintage – those who want to stand out, choose a unique bike with a large front and a small rear wheel.
  • With a rider – it can be animals, as well as real or literary characters.

The tattoo with the iron two-wheeled friend can be applied to any part of the body. Before you do that, it is desirable to consider the value of the location of a tattoo on a body:

  • Phalanges of the fingers or toes – these places are chosen by people who do not want to radically change their appearance, tattoos are almost always done in the minimalist style.
  • The wrist – the love of speed, movement, minimalism. The image can be both concise and detailed.
  • Neck – a person shows his involvement in cycling.
  • Chest – the desire to change his life for the better. The drawing can be both small or large.
  • The shoulder or biceps – the manifestation of a positive attitude towards life. The most versatile part of the body, allowing the drawing to go to the back or chest.
  • Back – showing your love for your two-wheeled friend.
  • Ankle – the desire to become more active, energetic.
  • Leg – the desire to get rid of a lot of restrictions in life.

Sketches of cool bike tattoos can be different, most importantly, that you enjoy it.

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