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Amazing Facts That Will Prove That Bike Are Part of Our Lifes as Same as Cars and Even More!

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The bike is recognized as one of the most significant human inventions. Gerber Wells said, “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race”. Bicycles became a sport, entertainment, and a vehicle. They are environmentally friendly and mobile. Riding a bike strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and speeds up metabolism. Regular trips make our lives brighter and healthier.

Bicycle in the life of countries and cities

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Bicycles are the most popular in Europe. The most cycling country in Europe is Denmark, followed by the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. In some European cities, the number of bicyclists is 40% of the total population. In 2016 the French company Eco-Counter published the data of three years’ research which states that the number of bicycles is growing 5 times faster than the population of cities in 17 countries.

The German city of Freiburg has a prestigious residential area called Fauban where cars are completely banned. There are special garages at the border of the district where you can leave your cars and move on foot or by bicycle inside the neighborhood residents.

There are 250 bicycles per car in China. Half of all trips in China are by bicycle. Fifteen percent of Japanese people ride their bicycles to work. Cycling up to 6 kilometers across Beijing is faster than using the subway or bus.

Postal services in many countries have used bicycles since the late 19th century. The total number of cycling postmen is 37,000 in the UK, 27,500 in Germany, and 10,500 in Hungary.

Police in many countries use bicycles to patrol the streets. The advantages of bicycle patrols are freedom from traffic jams, the ability to patrol in pedestrian zones, the ability to get close to the suspect.

Bicycle records

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Thomas Stevens was the first person to travel around the world by bike in 1884-87. He cycled 13500 miles without tires in three years. He has traveled to San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New York, London, Paris, Vienna, Constantinople, Tehran, Karachi, Delhi, Calcutta, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and back to San Francisco. Later the traveler’s notes were published as a 1000 page book “Around the world on a bicycle”.

The world speed record for bicycle riding was set in 1995. 50 years old Fred Rompelberg from the Netherlands managed to speed up to 268 kilometers per hour. He rode on the dried-up salt lake Bonneville in northwest Utah, USA. On the author’s double system bike, Fred was riding in an air pocket behind a drag racing car.

On June 7, 2015, Bradley Wiggins broke the hour-long cycling record by traveling 54.526 km in one hour. Shortly afterward, the 5-time Olympic champion, 7-time track world champion, and 2012 Tour de France winner finished his sporting career.

The lung capacity of Miguel Indurain, the famous Spanish cyclist was 8 liters. His blood circulation allowed him to pump up to 7 liters of blood per minute, his pulse at rest was 28 beats per minute. These data made it unique, these numbers were higher than most cyclists.

Bicycle and car

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The energy expended by a cyclist over a distance of 1037 kilometers is equivalent to the energy contained in one liter of petrol. This means that cyclists save 900 million liters of gasoline per year.

There are 5 bikes per car parking space.

There are about 1 billion different bicycle models on our planet, half of which are in China. And that’s more than twice as many as motorcycles and cars. More than 50 million new bicycles are produced every year, while only 20 million motorcycles and cars are produced in the world.

Bicycle maintenance and care cost twenty times less than car maintenance.

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