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Bicycle hand signals that will keep you safer on the road

Bicycle hand signals are necessary for communication on the road. If you ride a bike, you should understand your vulnerability to cars. It makes bicyclists even more responsible for traffic rules and accidents.

The bicyclist must notify other road users of his or her actions. A sudden stop or turn may confuse other drivers and create a dangerous situation. Motorists do this by using turn signals, stop signals, etc.

The cyclist usually does not have such devices, so the rider should mark his maneuvers with biking hand signals. Of course, you can buy LED lights that are similar to car signals and glow brightly at night.

Anyway, you should understand what the rider in front of you is going to do when he raises his hand. So in this article, we will cover all kinds of bicycle hand turn signals.

You can meet a cyclist on the roads more and more often. Since the bike is the most economical and simplest form of transport, it has occupied its niche and continues to grow in popularity. The increase in the number of two-wheeled non-motorized transport led to the need for rules of their movement and interaction with other road users.

Most of these rules are quite intuitive and do not differ much from the rules for other vehicles. But bike hand turn signals can be confusing if you do not know how to use them. Without this knowledge, you can hardly even pass the crossroads.

For example, at regulated pedestrian crossings, a cyclist should act according to the signs of traffic lights, and, if the crossroad is not regulated, he should give way to a pedestrian. Similarly, cyclists shall not turn around at the crossroads. That is why it is important to know at least the basics.

Basic Bike Arm Signals

Bicycle hand signals

Cyclists have the following conditional signals:

  • To stop, raise your hand.
  • To indicate a turn to the left, you need to pull your left hand toward the turn or bend your right hand in the elbow.
  • For turning to the right you need to stretch the right straight hand towards a turn or bend the left hand in the elbow.

Since the bent right-hand signals your intention to turn to the left less obviously, we recommend that you indicate the direction of turn with the corresponding hand.

Waving may be sufficient in simple situations, but what if cyclists ride as a group? One mistake can provoke a general crash. Therefore, communication between bicyclists is vital.

Bicycle Arm Signals When Riding as a Group

When cyclists ride in a large group, they exchange information about such danger as a pit or some obstacle on the road (a broken bottle, stone, etc.)

  • A dropped arm on the right or left side means a pit. The signs should be submitted as early as possible so all other group members can accept it.
  • One ringing indicates a danger on the road and a demand to stop.
  • Two bells indicate that there are people left behind and you need to wait.
  • Three calls indicate a problem and give the command to stop the whole group.

When moving in groups, it is vital to understand that all participants are responsible for the overall safety. By carefully and actively pointing out interferences, obstacles, steep turns, and pits, you can avoid breakdowns, malfunctions, road emergencies, and big trouble.

Everybody should know the rules of movement on the road, both in single-mode and in group movements, including bike signals for turning. A cyclist has the right to expect respect and knowledge of all relevant rules and regulations of other participants and, in turn, is obliged to be polite and pliable on the road.

Unfortunately, many drivers believe that if you have a car, you are right. We can safely assume that such people are mistaken because all road users are equal before the law and rights.

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