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What Supplements Should I Take for Cycling? Supplements Everyone Should Try!

Healthy nutrition isn’t enough for the cyclist’s muscles to quickly recover, strengthen and develop. Therefore, the best supplements for cyclists are important for good performance. Even if you aren’t a professional athlete, you would also need supplements. But which vitamins should you take? In the article, we will look at the vitamins for cyclists that will be needed. We will also give some tips on how to combine their reception.

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What Supplements Should I Take for Cycling?

Supplements for a cyclist are a dubious thing. There are a lot of doping scandals around them. Therefore, professionals don’t always decide to resort to such. But in their diet, there are always harmless additives. They are accepted by every second builder, a cyclist and just leading an active lifestyle. These supplements help you feel healthier, increase your performance, and improve your results. Here is what can be attributed to the list of best supplements for cyclists:

Protein Supplements for Cyclists

protein supplements for cyclists

Promotes the process of muscle protein synthesis or in other words recovery and adaptation to new physical exertion. Proteins are everywhere, in any food. But “pure”, concentrated and high-quality only in the form of a sports supplement.

You can use such supplements for cycling recovery as you like: mix with milk, add to oatmeal, try to eat with a spoon straight from the jar. These supplements contain amino acids that accelerate the recovery and development of muscle tissue. They are also found in regular food. But if your diet leaves much to be desired, then protein is the way out of the situation.

Creatine or Carboxylic Acid with Nitrogen Content

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The daily requirement for protein depends on lifestyle and training. For example, a track cyclist in a rocking chair “damages” more muscle fibers than the average endurance pro rider. Nutritionist recommendations: 1.2 g to 2.2 g of protein per kilogram of live weight.

Best supplements for cycling are also contained in “ordinary” food: up to 2 g in red meat, up to 4.5 g 100 g in salmon. Creatine promotes acid production, which speeds up the process of saturating muscles with energy during high-intensity exercise. With the constant consumption of creatine, there is a “side” effect. If you can call it weight gain due to muscle mass gain.

Iron Supplements for Cyclists

Iron deficiency can cause any cyclist to experience abnormal shortness of breath, loss of strength and stamina. Otherwise, it can occur in everyday life. To prevent this, try adding beans, spinach, and apples to your diet. You can also choose to supplement your supplements, with a suitable iron content (plain iron, or with additional vitamins). When you saturate your body with iron, you would immediately feel a surge of strength. In addition, your endurance during physical exertion would be significantly greater.

Caffeine or Sodium Benzoate

Spanish experiments showed that 0.7 mg of caffeine per kg of body weight 70 minutes before the race increases endurance. Another study (by scientists from the University of Glasgow) states that the maximum effect intake occurs 35-40 minutes after ingestion.

As we can see, the results of the studies vary. But everyone agrees on one thing: you can’t be zealous with the substance. Otherwise, caffeine would have the opposite effect: it would reduce alertness, concentration, reaction time. So it is important to control the amount of these best supplements for cyclists. And in this case, you would get the normal effect of the supplement.

Vitamin D

Another one of the vitamin supplements for cyclists regulates the amount of calcium phosphate in the body. Their lack leads to the weakening of muscles, bones, and the immune system. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the body itself produces vitamin D. But in the period from September to April (a cold-winter period devoid of full sun), this vitamin becomes scarce.

It is important to get the right dose of this vitamin through vitamin complexes. By the way, it is useful to do this not only for athletes but for every person. Surely many of you don’t feel very well during cloudy or rainy weather. Just this supplement can improve your mood and protect against seasonal diseases.

How To Cycle Supplements?

how to cycle supplements

Well, when you learn about the best supplements for cyclists, it is important to understand how to take them. If the supplements are pure (have only 1 vitamin complex in them), then several supplements can be combined. If your supplement has several useful components, then consider this dosage if you take the same in addition. It is only important to observe the dosage that is suitable for you and take them just as correctly. In this case, recovery supplements for cyclists would work correctly and quickly. Otherwise, you would either not see the result, or side effects would appear (although, given a small overdose, it won’t be too bad).

We will recommend gradually introducing various endurance supplements for cyclists into your diet that are suitable for you. At this time, follow the reactions of the body. If everything is good, then you have chosen everything perfectly. Otherwise, try changing the dosage of the new supplement. Don’t forget to take into account the vitamins you get in addition to taking supplements for cyclists. After all, they would also be included in your consumption rate.

We are sure that many of you have found this information about the best supplements for cyclists useful. We recommend that you study your diet to determine what you are missing. Then determine what action you want, and based on that, create your list of supplements. If you aren’t completely sure about your choice, you can get help from a nutritionist. He would build the perfect program of supplements for cycling endurance for you, which you can use for a long time. We are sure that after several doses of supplements, you will see changes.

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