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Top Rated Mountain Bike Grips: How To Choose the Right Model for You?

best mountain bike grips

Cyclists often pay attention to the larger parts of the bike, such as wheels, gears, and more. But did you know that choosing the wrong handlebar grips for the mountain bike would ruin the whole picture and reduce the level of ride comfort? Yes, such a not very noticeable but very important detail can affect this, and accordingly, when choosing it, you need to be especially careful. Today we are going to take a look at top mountain bike grips that will give you comfort during any severity of the load on the arms.

How To Choose The Best Handlebar for Mtb?

best grips for mountain bike

To find the best mountain bike grips, first, you need to figure out why the grips that are on your bike at the moment aren’t suitable for you.

Perhaps your current grips no longer suit you for technical reasons, you experience discomfort in your hands, or they are simply outdated and deteriorated, you should replace them.

If you consider their technical condition unsatisfactory, but at the same time have never experienced discomfort during operation, you should purchase the same grips that are on your bike now, only of a higher quality.

If you experience pain in your wrists while cycling, you may want to consider buying softer or physiological models. Maybe you just want to buy new ones to fit your bike better or try something new.

Anatomical grips are very popular. These models are optimal for tourists and are created specifically for them. However, it should be noted right away that the installation of such handles greatly improves ride comfort, but at the same time, you won’t be able to grip the steering wheel quite reliably. These models aren’t suitable for mountain bikes and professional bikes.

You can purchase special anatomically shaped “horned” handles. Usually, they are made of dense but hard rubber or plastic, which provides their strength. Yes, such models

are very popular due to their special shape, convenience, and design, although metal inserts look more reliable. After all, you are unlikely to want to lean your weight on simple plastic supports, which can cause inexperienced cyclists to break them at the beginning of distances.

Soft mountain bike grips would be the cheapest option, but they would have to be changed much more often. In addition, the foam rubber absorbs water ー if the hard pads remain tight even during a trip in the rain, the foam rubber would become soft and unpleasant to the touch.

The choice of grips is a personal matter, and there are no hard and fast rules as to which grips are best for you. However, cushioning, width, and surface texture are three things to keep in mind when choosing mountain bike grips.

Top Rated Mountain Bike Grips

Having dealt with some criteria, we can move on to the best mountain bike grips. We tried to choose the most popular options that combine convenience, good price, and other useful features.

Race Face Half Nelson Locking Grips

best mountain bike handlebar grips

If you have previously looked for any parts for your bike, we think you may have already come across this manufacturer, whose products are often bought even by professional athletes. Thanks to the special ribbed texture and high-quality rubber, you can securely grip the handles even under conditions that your palms flop. Special topographic patterns would wick away this moisture, thereby preventing slipping on the main surface of the handle. Also in the handle, there is a special ring on which the handle would be securely attached to the steering wheel. So if safety is important to you even in the hottest conditions, you should buy these best bike grips for Mtb.

Ergon GA3

ergonomic mountain bike grips

For those who like to travel long distances, these grips should like them. Hardly anyone can spend the whole trip with their hands tense. But with these ergonomic mountain bike grips, you can give your hand a little bit of relaxation while keeping the handlebars as comfortable as possible. In addition, there are special cores inside that reduce the number of vibrations, which would put less stress on your hands. And thanks to the special coating, the grips would last even longer! We think for this price it is just an incredible option for anyone who prefers a comfortable ride.

ODI Rogue Grip

best handlebar for mtb

This model is one of the most comfortable mountain bike grips available. This is because there are special cushions with a fine-grained coating, which would provide a good grip on the palms without letting them slip. Special channels are excellent for wicking moisture and dirt, which additionally helps to keep your hands in the same position on the handles. Buy them if you want to ride comfortably in hot weather without getting any discomfort in your hands.

PNW Components Loam Grips

handlebar grips for mountain bike

Do you like unusual designs? Then take a look at this handling model. They look incredible, don’t they? But in addition to beauty, they have other advantages, such as high-quality moisture removal, as well as vibration suppression. This is due to the rubber compounds that are inside the grips themselves. And horizontal texture stripes at the base add grip where you need it most. It is worth noting that these grips are slightly firmer than the rest to ensure you have good stability on various trails, but they are equally comfortable and enjoyable to ride with.

DMR DeathGrip

most comfortable mountain bike grips

Professional sportsman Brendan (Brandog) Fairclough contributed to the creation of these grips, who knows exactly what is needed for a comfortable ride. The coating model developed by him and other developers would perfectly drain liquid, and also reliably hook your hands on the surface. In addition, regardless of where your hands are on the grips, you can comfortably hold them without any discomfort. And a special mount certainly won’t be able to untie if you don’t start doing it on purpose. These comfortable mtb grips would last much longer thanks to the quality material, so you can buy them with confidence.

OURY Single-Sided Lock-On V2

soft mountain bike grips

This model differs significantly from the previous options, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t provide you with the same important functions. They also wick moisture and sweat well through their large channels, and the raised portions keep your hands securely in place. By the way, they come with stubs, which sometimes can be useful to you too.

The grips are a little shorter, but this would be especially handy if you have a wide and large handlebar. By the way, even if you have rather fat and large hands, you can securely and comfortably fix on the surface of the grips. Not sure? Choose them, after which you would immediately change your mind! And so we showed you some of the best mountain bike handlebar grips that are worth picking up as soon as possible. Choose based on your preferences, convenience, and other parameters. If you cannot decide, then look at all these models in a special store, where you can see them live and touch them. We will recommend Half Nelson Locking grips, and we think that they are worth their money and would give you even more comfort while driving. Which best grips for mountain bike did you like the most?

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