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Best Gifts for Cyclists

gifts for bicycle enthusiast

Every cyclist has some things that are not purchased in the first place. Usually, they are not such necessary accessories, but they would be nice cycling gifts. Everyone who rides a bike has a similar bicycle-related wish list.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t not part with the bike, then, it’s a good idea to pick up gifts for bicycle riders. To begin with, it is worth deciding on the style of riding. Here is our list of biking accessories gift ideas.

Gifts for bicycle enthusiast who rides around town

gifts for bicycle lover


The number one thing for urban riding – the lights. Be sure to have a bright and visible red tail light. If your friend does not have a light on his bike, you are sure to satisfy him with this gift. You can get it in a bike store. But this is the kind of thing that is more profitable to order on the Internet. The Chinese know how to work with LED attachments. The main thing is to choose a model with USB charging, otherwise, you will have to spend money on batteries after every trip.


One of the most inexpensive and useful gifts for bicycle lovers is a bike storage mount in the apartment. An aluminum hook at any hardware store costs only a few dollars. You also need to buy a couple of self-tapping screws and dowels at a building store, as the ones in the kit won’t hold the bike. You can hang three of these on the balcony or wherever you store your bike.


If you want to give a nice gift, splurge on a good bike lock. The most difficult ones for bike thieves to deal with are U-locks. These locks are troublesome to saw off and disassemble. Putting them on the bike is not easy either. The second variant is a chain based lock, preferably the chain links are not round, but in a form of a hexagon. When sawing such a chain, it does not lose its grip until the last second.


When you ride your bike, your gloves wear out in a season. That’s why they are one of the best gift ideas for cyclists. And high-quality gloves are a very good gift.

Cool Gifts for Cyclists Who at Pro-level

gifts for cyclist

Congratulations – your mate is the most expendable type of cyclist. Road racing accessories, clothing, and parts are rarely cheap.


Good glasses are expensive. But it’s also one of the frequent consumables: they break or get lost when you fall. So they’re not excessive. Goggles are needed for any cyclist who spends a lot of time in the sun. It is better to choose models with polarizing lenses. Polarizing lenses allow you to maintain good vision in the face of numerous sun glares.


The most affordable of cycling accessories. Cost a little cheaper than car tires. And you need to buy two pieces, can’t go wrong? It is very easy to determine the size, as cyclists use the standard 700 x 23. Just clarify whether your friend rides with a tube or tubeless. It is worth choosing from brands Pirelli, Vittoria, Michelin.


This is like a bicycle computer but can do much more. It measures speed, distance, and stores the track you rode. Advanced models can show maps of the area and serve as a navigator. Particularly advanced models in conjunction with a smartphone show your friends who are also riding nearby. Choose from models of brands Garmin or Wahoo. They cost $300 and above.


Power meters cost even more expensive and are needed for cyclists aiming for progress and results. This device helps you gauge at what limit you’re pedaling, how effectively, and how to improve your results. It is better to ask your friend before you buy this expensive device, whether he needs it and what model is necessary. It’s not a good idea to buy blindly.


When buying mountain bike pedals, it’s hard to go wrong. Top models should be very lightweight, and look like part of an alien robot. For the price, this is just the level of a good gift.


When you fall to the ground first of all the palms and feet come into contact with the ground. Without knee protection, you should not even try to roll down a mountain or jump on dirt. Size does matter, so consider the cyclist you will be protecting.

Cool Bike Gifts for Traveler

bike seat

I left my favorite type of riding for last to share a list of things I would buy for myself, but don’t have the extra money yet, or to talk about the parts that will never be superfluous.


When I didn’t have a tracker I recorded my rides on my phone. The track could go off for various reasons or there wasn’t enough charge for a full day of cycling. Now I use a simple but reliable Garmin Edge tracker. You don’t need advanced features for a traveler. The main features are long battery life, reliable GPS signal.


Everyone praises British company Brooks bicycle saddles, but rarely are those who are willing to spend on them. Those who have bought or been given Brooks saddles usually praise the British quality and soft leather. I put off buying one every year, but as a bike riding gifts, it is a very good option.


An inexpensive but useful accessory for winter and summer. The neck buff keeps the back of your neck and neck warm on chilly mornings. It can be worn all year round. It’s up to you which bright and noticeable buff you choose as one of the great gifts for cyclists.

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