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Best Cycling Movies

Bicycle racing is a place where real dramas happen. People achieve their goals, find love, and lose health up to the finish line. Talented directors and scriptwriters could not miss the fantastic stories. The main characters are a suffering hero-biker and the bike’s faithful friend.

We picked up the best bike documentaries and beautiful stories to immerse you in the world of the best cycling movies.

American Flyers

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The classic American bicycle racing movie with young Kevin Costner in the title role will touch every athlete’s heart. This film is dedicated to the Coors Classic bike race events. The story of the David and Marcus brothers is dramatic. For both of them, sport is not only a way to set a record but also the battle with death itself. Destiny has given the brothers tracks of different lengths, but the guys are holding up with dignity, and the film reminds us that overcoming difficulties is the essence of life.

The bike races themselves are stunningly filmed. Excellent camera work and musical accompaniment convey the atmosphere of events and the spirit of the time very well.

Premium Rush

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Courier Wiley has to deliver the envelope from Columbia University to the address by 19:00. However, the parcel is being hunted by the Mafia. The plot grows into a real cycling movie with chases and pursuits. Gangsters are waiting for the hero at every turn. Also, another messenger, Manny, tries to seduce his girlfriend, Vanessa.


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Following a streak of luck, a young broker, Jack Casey, faces a sudden fall: he loses all his money earned on the stock exchange. If this story were true, it could be one of the best cycling documentaries. Jack has to get a job as a delivery guy in San Francisco. When he gets on his bike, he feels a new power, ready to change his life. For example, he breaks up with a girl who considers him a loser and finds new friends. However, it turns out that even in the world of delivery, there are serious dangers. Jack will need all his courage to get out of the web hovering over him and those he loves.


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Sometimes to rethink your own life, you have to lose something important. It is necessary to experience pain. Beautiful Mark, who loves the simple joys of being – movement, beautiful women, and his favorite bicycle, loses his leg in a car accident. He has to look again into the world around him and see what previously seemed invisible: the loneliness of his daughter, the disappointment of others, and his selfishness. Different values now come to the foreground. It is one of the most famous cycling documentaries films. The film’s plot is based on actual events that happened to a close friend of the director.

La grande boucle

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Why would a natural athlete wait for the beginning of the competition? The test begins when you are ready to challenge your fate of yourself. It is the decision of cyclist Francois, who dreamed of the great French cycling Tour de France since childhood. He goes on a legendary racing route one day before the start of the competition. His example inspires other amateur cyclists in search of adventures, and soon thousands of young people are ready to go in for sport on the roads of France. May Francois is unlucky neither in love nor in work, but he has a dream that he let come true and a rare ability to stay free! La grande boucle should be on your list of movies about cycling.

Breaking Away

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This story deserves a special place among many cycling movies: it was included in the list of the most inspiring American film of the last century. Living in a tiny town in the United States, Dave dreams about Rome and dreams of becoming the Italian champion in cycling. Together with three best friends, he decides to assemble a bicycle team in Birmingham to prove to the venerable Italian cyclists what very young. Still, very ambitious American guys can do—as always, meeting a beautiful woman increases the desire to win. So Dave has already told the girl of his dreams that he is an Italian cyclist.

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