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Women Cruiser Bike Reviews: What to Know before Buying the Best Women’s Cruiser Bike

best womens cruiser bikes

Full Women Cruiser Bikes Review

Riding a bicycle allows you to keep your body toned, get rid of all kinds of stress and have a lot of fun. It is preferred by both women and men, but it is not very easy to choose the best women’s beach cruiser. In addition, on the market you can find many designs, brands of products – a novice athlete in this quickly gets confused. To help you understand this issue, we decided to write our women’s cruiser bike reviews of the best bikes today. However, before we start looking at specific models, let’s understand what you should pay attention to when buying the best women’s cruiser bike.

What Are the Best Ladies Cruiser Bikes?

No matter how many changes modern bikes have undergone, one is always drawn back to the classics. If someone thinks that a cruiser and your grandfather’s bike are the same things, they are deeply mistaken. The modern chopper (another name for a cruiser) has a stylish design, quality build, and incredible versatility. Although cruisers, also known as the best beach cruiser for women, still have a classic style, their scope extends beyond the beach and the boardwalk. They are still made in the tradition of comfort bikes – with large, wide tires, a comfortable saddle with a long wheelbase that assume an upright riding position. If you last got on a bike when you were a kid, the best way to get back on your bike is to buy a cruiser. The big wide tires and the ease of keeping your balance on a cruiser will help you remember your cycling technique. Also, a chopper may be the best choice if you ride a bike for the purpose of keeping fit or just like to enjoy a quiet and leisurely ride around town or its environs. If you want a bike that requires minimal maintenance, choose a cruiser as well. The best ladies cruiser bikes are dominated by a minimalist concept. The most you will need to do is the occasional lubrication of the chain and taping of the bike’s tube. There are choppers for both adults and children, which makes this type of bike ideal for family outings to the park or beach. But in our review, we will focus on choosing the best one for ladies!

How to Choose the Best Cruiser Bike for Women?

Any bicycle model is suitable for both men and women. But the fairer sex has some anatomical peculiarities, a different level of fitness, and, as a rule, a smaller height than men. All this was taken into account by the developers of bicycles and created a special model for women. The main difference from the bicycle – unisex will be an understated frame. It was created at a time when women practically did not wear pants and rode bikes in a long skirt, which was extremely uncomfortable with a high frame. This is no longer required, but the low frame has other advantages – you don’t have to lift your leg high when you sit down, and it’s safer. On average, women are shorter than men, and when breaking sharply, it’s easier for a woman to jump forward rather than sideways like a tall man. This straight jump on a high-frame bicycle increases the likelihood of injury. Women have a wider pelvis by nature, and the best cruiser bikes for women usually have a special saddle. They are wider and softer than men’s, and sometimes come with shock absorbers to cushion your ride. The weight of the bike is also important, so it is easier to carry and transport if necessary. Women’s models are usually made as light as possible due to the lightweight frame and minimal attachments. Women’s bicycles usually have a brighter design and color options. Otherwise, when choosing a bicycle for women, there is no difference.

Important Features of the Best Beach Cruiser Bikes for Women

One of the key points when buying the best women’s cruiser bikes is the distance between the handlebars and the seat, taking into account human height and arm length. The most suitable design will be the one on which the lady will feel comfortable and at the same time, she will not have to slouch. This point is very important for people who have certain lumbar problems because if the position of the body is incorrect, it can cause health complications. Almost all companies that produce top-rated women’s cruiser bikes use a variety of technologies to ensure that the lower back is subjected to a minimum load during cycling. These include a reduced distance between the handlebars and the seat, the installation of a more comfortable seat, the placement of an additional shock absorber that will be under the saddle.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Women’s Cruiser Bikes

best women's cruiser bike

After several women cruiser bike reviews have been done, we want to warn you that in order to buy the right cruiser, you need to study the basic criteria for selecting a vehicle. The main parameters:

  • Frame. Frames in cruisers are mostly made of steel, so they are heavier than in other types of bicycles. This will make them more stable on the road and easier to use. Since the popularity of these models is steadily increasing, some products are equipped with aluminum frames to lighten the weight of the entire structure.
  • Tires. The tires in cruisers are often called “extra-wide.” They are often thicker than standard bicycle tires, so the risk of a puncture is lower. In addition, these tires are more stable on the road when riding.
  • Handlebar and pedals. Cruisers have larger handlebars than traditional bikes, and the pedals are set slightly forward. These are the main factors behind the classic upright position of the rider. Because of this, there is virtually no strain on the back while riding and the rider can enjoy a calm and measured ride.
  • Gears. In the standard cruisers, there is mostly no gear shift. Such bikes are designed for measured riding on smooth roads, so most models are equipped with 1 gear. However, sometimes there are the best women’s cruiser bikes with gears of 3 to 7 speeds, which will make them suitable for bicycle trips over long distances and to work.
  • Brakes. The best cruiser bikes for ladies are equipped with foot brakes. They are easy enough to use and do not need any special care.
  • Seat. It is important for the cyclist’s comfort when riding, so during the selection process, you need to focus on a comfortable and soft landing. Almost all cruisers are equipped with wide, adjustable spring-loaded saddles.

3 Top Women’s Cruiser Bikes

Pegasus Piazza Tour Lady

best cruiser bike for women

The 1st place in our best women’s beach cruiser bike ranking was taken by the Pegasus Piazza Tour Lady. A reliable women’s bike for riding around the city, made in retro style. The frame is robust and made of aluminum alloy, its diameter is 17 inches. The handlebar is curved and can be adjusted without any difficulty, so you can easily choose the position that will be comfortable. The gears are very easy to change because the Pegasus Tour Lady uses a 7-speed planetary hub. With its help, you can control the speeds not only when riding but also standing still, which models with a toggle system can’t do. The type for both front and rear brakes is V-Brake. The diameter of the wheels is 28 inches. Among the technical features, you can highlight fork HiTen (rigid), double rims Ryde ZAC 19 SL, steel fenders, which will not be superfluous in rainy weather. The color scheme also pleases – bike transport is available in two colors – red and blue.

Giant Flourish 2

best beach cruiser for women

The Giant Flourish 2, which went on sale in 2016, is worthy of the 2nd place ranking. The model has a chain drive – the most used type in the manufacture of bicycles. The frame, as with all best beach cruisers for women, is made of aluminum, its dimensions: 14 / 16 / 18 inches, so it will not be difficult to find a means of transportation for the height. The design of the fork is rigid, so the model belongs to the rigid and has no cushioning. The steering column is threaded, and the handlebar itself is curved with adjustable reach and lift. The saddle is very comfortable and sprung, and we found it very comfortable. The diameter of the wheels is 28 inches, in principle, this is the standard for city bikes. Front and rear brakes – recreational, type V-Brake. The number of speeds is as much as 24. Also, the Giant Flourish has the following advantages: chain protection, footrest, fenders, excellent electrical equipment.

Stevens Corvara SX Forma

best women's beach cruiser

The Stevens Corvara SX Forma, released in 2016, takes 3rd place in our women cruiser bicycle review. The best women’s cruiser bike model of inexpensive city bike for women. The novelty frame is made of aluminum, its size is different: 18/20/22 inches. As for weight, it’s also reduced and is 16.7 kg, which is a great value for beginner riders. The diameter of the wheels is 28 inches. Type of brakes rimmed V-Brake. The handlebar type is curved, it has an adjustable reach and lifts, which allows you to adjust the handlebar for your comfort. The combination of frame and handlebar geometry provides a comfortable fit for riding around town. Additionally, the SX Forma features a bell, chain guard, footrest, and foot brake, and it also comes with a luggage rack and electrical equipment.

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