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Best Bike Ride: The List of Top-10 Bike Ride Routes from All over the World!

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Of all the ways to travel on the surface of the earth, only walking and biking allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature and the fresh air to the fullest. In Denmark, bicycles successfully compete with trains; in New Zealand, Maori artists are used for designing bicycle bridges; and in Finland, former railroads become bicycle paths.

Here are 10 of the world’s best bike ride places for you and your two-wheeled friend

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The beauty of mountains

Do you like peace and quiet? The Lofoten Islands Cycling Route in Norway is the best state bike ride route. Here you will become the one with peace and harmony of nature. The freshest mountain air, gorgeous scenery, small villages, fjords, and Scandinavian water will accompany you along the route. It is also called the Westfjord Route. The best way to do it is in summer, so you can sunbathe in the night sun.

Pastorals of the Loire

Not yet inspired? Let’s go to France! Enjoy the views of vineyards growing along the roads, stop along the way in small French villages to taste the freshest goat cheese and young wine, observe the splendor and solemnity of the Loire, the longest river in France. The ancient castles of the Loire in blooming gardens will not leave anyone indifferent. Even children will easily cope with the great bike ride routes along the Loire, and you will feel comfortable on the roads of France, starting in late spring and ending in autumn.

Old towns and pasta

If you are not only a cyclist but also a foodie, the bike ride route for you is certainly located in Italy. We suggest a ride on the Italian Riviera, where the beaches are interspersed with small towns built centuries ago, filled with the unique scent of cypress trees. Winding streets of these towns beckon with their cafes with great pasta and other Italian delicacies. On the coast of the Ligurian Sea, there are many cycling routes, which are easy to ride. We recommend visiting Italian cities with your bike in the spring or fall, when there is no heat and stunning sun, so your trip will be pleasant and enjoyable.

Picturesque India

The Leh Manali Highway in northern India is Spiti’s rich Buddhist heritage valley with spectacular mountain panoramas. All that awaits you on the midwest bike ride route. Over the Kunzum Pass above the Lahaul Spiti Valley, the road leads east through small settlements and past some of the world’s oldest monasteries.

Not far from the most distant place in Spiti, where the road turns south into the Kinnaur Valley, is the Tibetan border (5 km). The Hindustan-Tibetan road, which runs along the Kinnaur, was created by builders from British India (British colonial territory) and is dangerous because of the precipitous cliffs. It stretches between settlements and leads to Shimla (a city in northern India).

Best bike rides and art

Are you a versatile person? Do you like sports and art at the same time? Then your bicycle route is in the Netherlands. Local bike rides start through Roosegaarde and Eindhoven, where you can see with your own eyes the landscapes in the paintings of Van Gogh. You will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of nature and architecture, which inspired the artist to write his best creations. The water mills in Nuenen and Eindhoven will meet you on your way and will amaze you with their charm, as they once did the great master. This romantic and dreamy cycling route is suitable for cyclists of any experience and is relevant at any time of year.

Green Paradise Island

The bicycle route in Otago is the longest and most scenic bike ride route in New Zealand. It runs along the route of the former railroad and looks like a 150 km long arc. The track was specifically designed so that tourists can enjoy the scenery and local sights along the way. The route will take three to five days by bicycle, and exactly one week on foot.

Warm Cuba

Tourists who have traveled halfway around the world by bicycle say with confidence that they have never enjoyed a cycling trip as much as they have in Cuba. The state bicycle rides route starts from the mountains of Baracoa and heads up to the south coast. The route is unobtrusive and relaxing with beautiful scenery and small towns with a rich culture and history. The locals are very friendly and sociable and, most importantly, they love tourists. So do not miss the opportunity to have a few words with Cubans, asking for directions or stopping for a break. By the way, the locals mostly travel by bicycle, so you will not only get in shape but also join the traditional way of life.

A cool bike ride with an ocean view

A tour of Atlantic Canada is a cyclist’s dream. Breathtaking rocky scenery, crystal-clear rivers and lakes, ocean breezes, and long mountain ranges are just a few of the reasons why this destination is so popular. The feeling of satisfaction from the completed route, which lasts about a week (if you cycle with a speed of average of 70 km a day), will remain with both beginners and experienced cyclists.

Kaleva and Monywa in Myanmar- recommended by bike ride com

The road between Kaleva and Monywa in Myanmar is one of the main connecting roads in the north of the country, and the only one located near the Indian border. It is so unexplored that even the locals prefer to travel to one of the most remote regions of the country by boat on the Chindwin River. The dense jungle spreads out in every direction, and the heat tests you to the limit. True, there are roadside cafes along the way where you can always stop and wait it out. Finally, as you move along this route, the famous Pagan temples appear to amaze you.

Rocks and panoramas bike rides across the States of America

And if mountains are still more appealing and you have the opportunity to travel in the U.S., we highly recommend the famous Grand Canyon bike route. Sunsets and sunrises paint the cliffs in all shades of red and yellow and look especially delightful there. This cross-state bike ride will lead you among mountain paths accompanied by unforgettable panoramas. This route is accessible year-round, except summer thunderstorm season and particularly cold winter days, when the trail may be covered with ice.

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