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Best bike pump: how to choose, what are the kinds and difference between them

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You probably know that bicycle pumps are one of the most important tools for every bicycler. No matter which type of bike you have, bicycling plump will always be a needed thing. After reading this article you will be able to answer these questions:

  • Why do you need such a tool at all?
  • What is the difference between mini and floor plump;
  • Valves – TOP-3 most popular types;
  • What should you know about additional tools for your bike;
  • The top bike pumps of 2020 – the short overview.

Why do you need a bicycle tire pump?

There are only two ways why you might have such a question: you are a rookie or a very lucky guy. Why? Because in every other case you will certainly know that this instrument is just like a magic stick of a good beardy fairy. Every single time when you are going out for a ride you must grab a bicycle tire pump to be sure that you won’t get in a domestic awkward situation!

If you wanna have a comfortable ride without ordering a taxi in case of some unexpected problem with one or both wheels – you definitely will need a pump.

You may consider this tool as your guardian or superhero. Those guys and girls that got in unfortunate situations there the only variant is to fix it or to go all the way long by foot will definitely understand it.

Don’t forget to see which valve it is!

best pump reviews

There are TOP-3 main types of bicycle valves in the whole world. To choose the best bicycle tire pump you should know about the difference. The most widespread is Schrader – it is used for kid’s bikes and mountain bike tires. This valve is wrapped in rubber, has a pin in the center, and threaded in the end.

The second one is Presta. It is less wide rather than Schrader. It’s thin, long, and done from metal. It’s also threaded as the previous one. They are usually in performance and road bikes. The reason for this is that it is able to keep a higher pressure.

Finally, the third type is called Dunlop. In the US it is the least famous but is very popular in Europe and Asia. It is wider than Presta. Models can be found mostly in city bikes.

Most new pumps are designed for both widespread models (Schrader and Presta).

What should you check before using the pump?

You know it may sound funny and even silly but lots of people forget to check up even the simplest things. What things?

  • You should check the wheels for the number of cuts and some other damages. Because not all the time the pressure in the wheel can reduce only due to exploration of the bike for long distances.
  • If you’d found some damages on one of the wheels you should think that you could fix it on your own or you need to go to the mechanic.

This is the first thing you should do before picking up your pump.

What is the difference between a mini and floor pump?

best bike hand pump

There two peculiarities that help to distinguish floor and mini bike pumps:

  • The size of a tool: mini pump can fit in even in your backpack or handbag and the floor pump or track pump is usually two feet height;
  • The level of pressure: in track pumps the pressure is far more high rather than a mini version.

Which is the best bike air pump? The track one, of course! They have higher capacity and inflate tyres pressure effectively. From ten to fifteen strokes and the job is done. But floor pumps are usually kept in the garage because of such size. So, if you are going outside you will need one of the mini bike air pumps.

Are there some other tools that can replace pumps?

The mini pump is not as “mini” as you want? In this case, you need not exactly a pump… It would be more convenient for you to use a mini inflator with CO2. It has less pressure and after the end of gas it will be useless until the next charge.

Are you still looking for something else? Hm, you might probably like an air compressor. A lot of professional mechanics consider it as the best bicycle pump. It makes the whole process much simpler as it is with a pump. But the only problem is that they are the most expensive.

Is there some universal tool?

So what will be the best bike tire pump for you? It depends on how often you ride and which variant is more comfortable for you.

We advise you to have at least two variants – foot and mini pump. It will be acceptable for you if you are not a mechanic (you have time to do inflating tyres in some free time, without a rush).

Are there some advises to help shrink the amount of models?

  • Firstly, look closely and think which type of pump do you need – fool, middle or mini. It will help to reduce it.
  • Secondly, look at the type of valve of our bike. The model of an air pump, air compressor, or mini inflator should fit.
  • Thirdly, choose the model according to your budget. There are different companies and shops so you have to do some research before your final decision.

Bicycle pump reviews: a short list of most popular models in 2020

bicycle pump reviews

They searched through several hundreds of opinions and reviews of people all around the planet to make some truthful list. There is no first all the last place. Every model of the pump is very cool.

  1. Lezyne Carbon Road Drive Medium – max pressure 160psi, 216 mm in length and weight 83 g, for presta only;
  2. Silca Tattico Bluetooth Mini-Pump – max pressure 120psi, 241 mm in length and weight 159 g, Bluetooth digital display;
  3. Birzman Maha Push and Twist V – max pressure 220psi, 744 mm in length and weight 1.2 kg;
  4. Topeak Joe Blow Booster – max pressure 160psi, 744 mm in length and weight 2.9 kg, for presta only.

These are the most fresh list according to bicycle tire pump reviews from the Net. You can find some more models to make the list bigger!


  1. You now know why this instrument is so important in daily routine.
  2. We described three main types of valves so you could understand which of them you have on your bike.
  3. The best road bike pump is one of the minis. You can take it easy in a pocket or backpack. But you still will need a big version to keep in the garage or house.
  4. We made a short list of pumps for everyday use in 2020. You can choose the best bike hand pump.

We hope that you find this article informative and interesting! We advise you to read our other publications on this topic. Stay safe and toasty!

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